April 2009




Manage and Prevent Isotretinoin Side Effects

This guide will help you anticipate and prevent or minimize side effects that your patients can develop as a result of isotretinoin therapy.

By Michael Stierstorfer, MD

Cosmetic Dermatology: Ensuring Success at Any Level

In practice and perspective, a balanced approach to cosmetic and medical affairs coupled with a strong team ensures effective implementation of cosmetic services.

By Joel Schlessinger, MD

Is Topical Therapy for Psoriasis Resurging?

While biologics have changed the way patients and physicians think about psoriasis, topical therapy remains important for a majority of patients.

By Paul Winnington, Editorial Director

Understanding the Biochemistry of Dermal Fillers

Learning how the biochemistry of the product can enhance patient outcomes is an important step in setting and managing proper patient expectations.

By Diane M. Hanna MSN, ARNP-C, Sarah A. Yuhas, RN, BSN, and Ashish C. Bhatia, MD, FAAD


Recent Developments

United We Stand, Divided We Do Better?

By Paul Winnington - Editorial Director

A Guide to Proper Clinical Evaluation and Diagnosis of Vascular Lesions

Misuse of terms can potentially result in improper diagnosis and suboptimal management of the patient.

By Jessica Hsu, BS and Catalina Matiz, MD

How to Code to Benefit from the e-Prescribing Incentive

Medicare participating providers who use EHR may be eligible for incentive payments. Here are the codes to report.

By Sharon Andrews, RN, CCS-P

In-House or Outsourced: Which Billing System Is Right for You?

Each option has potential benefits and drawbacks. Here's how to make a wise choice for your practice.

By Tom Powell

Rediscovering Topical Antimicrobial Therapy for Acne Vulgaris

The number of potential topical therapy combinations for management of acne vulgaris can be astounding. Specific characteristics of the patient's clinical presentation determine treatment selection.

By Joseph Bikowski, MD

Death, Taxes, and EHR

A closer look at the stimulus plan reveals the Obama administration's plan for implementing electronic health records through incentives and disincentives.

By Mark Kaufmann, MD

Non-Surgical Approaches in Skin Cancer Management

Topical immunomodulators and PDT have received much attention lately, but other non-surgical trends are emerging. Here's a look at them.

By Jonathan Wolfe, MD

Ask an Expert

By Joel Schlessinger, MD

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