May 2010






Investments 101: Calculating Capital Equipment Purchase and Procedure Costs

To make wise investments, clinicians must accurately estimate costs and know what they mean.

By A Q&A with Michael S. Kaminer, MD

EMR: Identifying Potential Solutions to Common Problems

One expert recounts his experience with EMRs and offers a potentially positive outlook on the future of their use in dermatology and medicine.

By Michael Sherling, MD, MBA

Anatomy of a Physician Employment Agreement

The time for careful analysis is before signing on the line. Here are the features a contract should address to set the tone for long-term satisfaction.

By Lawrence Geller, MS, MBA

Mycosis Fungoides: Practical Tips on Specific Therapies

With common sense and knowledge of the therapy being administered, the dermatologist can effectively and safely treat MF patients.

By Lawrence A. Mark, MD, PhD


Recent Developments: What’s Next for the Dermatology Pharmaceutical Industry?

No doubt the dermatology pharmaceutical industry is undergoing a change. But what does it mean?

Editor’s Message

By Paul Winnington

Business Advisor: Follow Up: Turning Shoppers Into Buyers

A few relatively easy steps can increase the likelihood that potential patients who “shop” your practice will eventually purchase products or services.

By Tom Powell and Laurie Mercier

Therapies in Practice: Barrier Repair as an Element of Psoriasis Management

Data suggest psoriasis involves barrier damage; topical barrier repair may support clearance.

By Joseph B. Bikowski, MD

Oncology Watch: Update on the New Melanoma Staging and Classification System

New staging criteria for melanoma have eliminated the Clark level of invasion and incorporated mitotic rate and serum LDH as important indicators.

By Jonathan Wolfe, MD

Clinical Focus: Psoriasis: New Data on Comorbidities Associated with Psoriasis

With data mounting, it is essential that dermatologists monitor all patients who may be at risk for comorbidities and provide referrals when indicated.

By Jerry Bagel, MD

Dermatology Q&A: New Directions in the Treatment of Hypopigmented Scars

A new study shows that off-label use of an unexpected agent yields promising results in the repigmentation of hypopigmented scars.

By Ted Pigeon, Senior Associate Editor

Cosmetics Challenge: Six Strategies for Scientific Skincare, Part 1 of 2

Topical growth factors, antioxidants, peptides, and retinoids may have synergistic effects. Success depends on selection of the right ingredients used in the proper manner to achieve results.

By Hema Sundaram, MD

Ask an Expert: Navigating Complex and Changing Insurance Issues

From pre-authorizations to calculating procedure costs, here is what you need to know about the current era of high-deductible, bare-bones insurance.

By Joel Schlessinger, MD

Therapeutics Update

Product News

Take 5: Summer Skin Care Pearls to Share with Patients

As summer approaches, here are five points you could mention to your patients about UV protection.


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