Ask an Expert: Tips For Starting Your Practice Website

A presence on the internet may deliver more exposure and more patients for your practice.

By Joel Schlessinger, MD

What are key considerations for starting a website for your practice?
It is important to know what you want to do with it. If you are merely trying to give information, post forms to fill out prior to coming to the office, and list what you do and don't do, then most web designers or even a high school kid may be able to design and maintain it for you.

However, if you wish to spotlight cosmetic treatments and procedures with the goal of attracting interested patients, the site will need some professional interaction. In order to gain access to the search engines, an expert will have to “embed” certain phrases and key words into your new website. Additionally, you may want to even pay for listing among search engines for words like “Botox” or “Dysport.”

Be prepared to spend some time of your own getting the essentials of the website materials together and directing the designer as to what you want and don't want. In addition, try to include some of your own words so patients know what to expect when they visit you and the website doesn't misrepresent something you do.

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