April 2012




Dermatology: A Specialty Poised for Growth

By Joseph Bikowski, MD, FAAD Chief Medical Editor


Manage Patient Inquiries—The Path to Practice Growth

Practice-owning physicians should invest time and resources to ensure that staff convert inquiries to appointments.

By Lee Bowser and Launa Hankins


Should Your Dermatology Practice Hire a Physician Assistant?

This important question, facing many dermatology practices today, requires an exploration of several fundamental practice elements.

By Matthew Zirwas, MD and Vicki Roberts, PA-C


Clinical Decision Support and Point-of-Care Information for Dermatology

Clinicians need to be aware of the full capabilities and benefits of available tools and how they can be used most efficiently.

By Art Papier, MD


Recent Data Support the Versatility of Lasers in a Range of Settings

Advancements in wavelengths and vacuum-assisted suction are carving new avenues in the application of lasers and other devices in dermatology.

Assessing the Current Spectrum of Dermatologic Devices

Here’s a look at the market with a focus on tips for finding the right fit for your practice.

By Todd Schlesinger, MD

Non-invasive Radiofrequency Rejuvenation for Today’s Aesthetic Market

The Pelleve device offers rapid treatment, no downtime, and reasonable costs for a notably refreshed appearance across a wide age group.

By Glenn A. DeBias, DO

Evolastin: A Minimally Invasive Procedure for Volume, Lifting, and Tightening

Using needles to deliver thermal energy beneath the skin’s surface, this radiofrequency procedure is shown to stimulate collagenesis and new elastin.
A Q&A with Amy Forman Taub, MD

MiraDry: A Notable Advance in Treating Primary Axillary Hyperhidrosis

Harnessing the power of microwaves, a new device offers a patient-friendly option for the treatment of hyperhidrosis.

By William P. Coleman, III, MD, W. Patrick Coleman IV, MD, and Kyle M. Coleman, MD

“Tightening the Envelope”: Ultrasound-based Tightening and Lifting

The Ulthera system is the only FDA-approved lifting procedure, suitable for targeting sagging skin of the face and neck.

By Marguerite Germain, MD


Guidelines to Optimize Your Practice’s Physician Assistant

By Harrison Reed, PA-S and Katherine Wilkens, PA-C

Updating Approaches to Psoriasis

Recent guidelines from the National Psoriasis Foundation point to new directions in research and therapy that will continue to shape psoriasis therapy.

By Jerry Bagel, MD


Effective Combination Therapy for Moderate to Severe Acne

Evidence indicates that fairly short courses of oral antibiotic therapy when paired with a proven topical regimen can establish long-term efficacy.

By Lawrence F. Eichenfield, MD


Skin Cancer Awareness Efforts Heating Up This Summer

Despite recent strides to improve awareness, much work remains to ensure the public is educated to practice the necessary behaviors to minimize skin cancer.

By Ted Pigeon, Senior Associate Editor

Physician Focus

By E. Victor Ross, MD, FAAD

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