November 2012





Politics and Medicine: Time to Make the Pitch?

By Joseph Bikowski, MD, FAAD, Chief Medical Editor

Business Advisor

Building Accountability in Your Practice

By Kim Blackwell

Marketing Matters

Using Technology to Maintain a Personal Touch with Patients

Patients do not want the convenience, efficiency, and lower costs achieved with better use of technology to compromise personal interactions with the doctor.

By Naren Arulrajah

Technology Connection

Cloning & Coding: Another EHR Controversy Rises

“Upcoding” is the latest unanticipated chapter in the long-running regulatory saga of EHRs.

By Mark Kaufmann, MD, FAAD

Aesthetics Management

Medical Meets Cosmetic in Dermatology

The contrast between cosmetic and medical may appear sharp, but a sound approach to dermatology requires both balance and blend.

By Joel Schlessinger, MD, FAAD

Cover Focus

Studies Elucidate Potential New Skin Cancer Risks

New data offer leads regarding the onset and risk of varying types of skin cancer.

What’s New in Non-Melanoma Skin Cancer

As our knowledge of non-melanoma skin cancers continues to evolve, so will our treatments.

By Gary Goldenberg, MD

Medical Management of Actinic Keratoses and Non- Melanoma Skin Cancer: Disease Progression and Mechanisms of Action of Therapy

The approach to treatment may be shifting from targeting the lesions we see to addressing an underlying pathology.

By Neal Bhatia, MD


We Have an Identity Crisis

Attempts at linguistic efficiency are actually making it difficult for patients and many in the healthcare field to truly understand who can—and cannot—perform specific duties.

By Diane Hanna, APRN-BC, Melodie Young, APRN-BC, Lucinda Whitney, APRN-B,C Jeffrey Hsu, MD, and Ashish Bhatia, MD


Diagnosing and Treating Psoriatic Arthritis

A high prevalence of undiagnosed cases of active psoriatic arthritis is seen in patients with psoriasis.

By Jerry Bagel, MD


Rare Dermatologic Presentations: Kikuchi Disease and Persistent Urticaria Following Laser Hair Removal

By Mac Machan, MD, Melissa S. Jacobs, MD, and Garth R. Fraga, MD


James A. Solomon, MD, PhD


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