November 2013




Eczema: Something to be SAD About

By Joseph Bikowski, MD Chief Medical Editor


Tips for Consultation Success

How to build relationships that enhance the patient experience.

By Vicki Guin and Launa Hankins


Eight Essential SEO Checkpoints for Your Practice Website

Close attention to these critical checkpoints will ensure that your website’s SEO performance is sustainable.

By Naren Arulrajah with Vikas Vij


Charging Toward Stage 2 of Meaningful Use

As the next stage of the Federal EHR incentive program is set to begin, the forecast remains uncertain.

By Mark Kaufmann, MD



The Excoriated and Bleeding Edge: Updates in Eczema for the Clinician

Atopic dermatitis continues to present treatment challenges, but a steady juggling of four main components—moisturization, antibiotics, anti-inflammatory, and antipruritics— help to maximize control of the disease.

By Peter A. Lio, MD


Vitamin D and Psoriasis

New findings suggest a relationship between psoriasis and vitamin D deficiency, but larger details are still unknown.

By Lisa Prussick, BS and Ronald Prussick, MD

Laser Hair Removal Belongs in Dermatology Practices

One of the most popular procedures in the US should still be popular with dermatologists.

By Janice Lima-Maribona, DO


The Best Asset Protection Implementation is Not Asset Protection... Is Yours?

A review of plans that will offer protection if needed and help build wealth along the way.

By David B. Mandell, JD, MBA and Jason M. O’Dell, MS, CWM


Brown Plaque on the Calf: A Case of Hidroacanthoma Simplex

Though generally a benign lesion, hidroacanthoma simplex should be treated due to the low risk of malignant transformation.

By Christine Anastasiou, BS; Jennifer Ahdout, MD; Francis Dann, MD; Edward W. Jeffes, III, MD, PhD; and Kathryn Serowka, MD

Weft Hair Extensions Causing a Distinctive Horseshoe Pattern of Traction Alopecia

One of the winning presentations given by dermatology residents at Cosmetic Surgery Forum.

By Jennifer Ahdout, MD and Paradi Mirmirani, MD


SPF Recommendations: Should They Change?

What is the minimum SPF dermatologists should be recommending to their patients?

By Jonathan Wolfe, MD


A Novel Topical Cream to Reduce Bruising

Although options to treat bruising have been limited, a new cream may be especially useful for older patients.

By Joseph Bikowski, MD


Weighing the Prospects of Biosimilars

If they are found to be comparable to the “originators,” biosimilar agents may offer patients significant therapeutic benefits as well as cost efficiency.

By Jerry Bagel, MD


Lawrence F. Eichenfield, MD


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