April 2015




Social Bullying: What’s Our Role in It?

By Joel Schlessinger, MD, Chief Cosmetic Surgery Editor


Managing Millennials

How to provide guidance to these individuals as they adjust and adapt to today’s workforce.

By Beatriz Bailey


Case Report: Minimal Incision Extraction for Large Lipomas

By Kraig K. Jenson, MD, Byron C. Edwards, PA-C, PhD, and Devin M. Burr, MS IV



Speak Up! Advocate for yourself, your patients, your specialty

Advocacy Groups and Physicians: The New Power Couple

Patient advocacy organizations partnering with dermatology physician-scientists offer an exciting new model for optimized patient care.

By Sheila Rittenberg

Bio-Logistics: Steps for Improving Access to Biologic Therapy

Dealing with insurance companies can be a burden for many practices, but here are some steps to help expedite the process.

With Mary Wiatrowski, RN, DNC

Optimizing Isotretinoin Treatment: Keys to Successful Prescribing and Management

Embraced by the dermatology community, isotretinoin is still considered controversial by some patients. Here are tips on navigating the prescribing process to improve patient comfort and adherence.

By Steven Leon, MS, PA-C

Understanding the SGR: An Explainer

How did the SGR come to be? If it goes away, what will happen to the misplaced focus on physician payments?

By Joseph Bikowski, MD

Raising Issues with MOC

Dermatologists and the AAD speak out against current MOC requirements and suggest changes.


Biologics and Pediatric Psoriasis

Though data has been lacking in recent years, the use of biologics in pediatric and adolescent patients deserves more consideration.

By Jerry Bagel, MD and Alexa Hetzel, BS


Pain Relief for Next April 15th

Tax-saving ideas you can do now.

By David B. Mandell, JD, MBA and Carole Foos, CPA


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