June 2017

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Reflections on 25 Years of Private Practice

By Joel Schlessinger, MD


Enduring Success

Make sure your practice does everything it can to satisfy and retain employees.

By Matt Moskowitz


11 Ways to Increase Local Reach of Your Dermatology Facebook Page

By Naren Arulrajah with Vikas Vij


Interoperability Update

Are PHRs the key to interoperability?

By Mark Kaufmann, MD


A Case of Orf; Creating a Business Plan

By Nicole Tillman, DO; Elizabeth Young, BS; Nathan Cleaver, DO


Photos: Conversion Tools

When digitally displayed in an appropriate way, patient images can inform patients about services you offer, launching conversations and conversions.

By Joel Schlessinger, MD

Skin Cancers Among Hispanic Patients: Sounding the Alarm

People of all skin types, including Asians and Hispanics, benefit from education on sun-protection & skin cancer.

With Joel L. Cohen, MD

Know Your Lesions: The Many Variations of Seborrheic Keratosis

SKs are benign lesions that may be removed for medical or aesthetic reasons. It’s essential to distinguish SKs from malignant lesions.

By Gary Goldenberg, MD

We All Need Some Work Sometime

How pictures can make a difference in patient education and add some gloss to your pearls.

By Sandra Marchese Johnson, MD

Lichen Amyloidosis

By Allison Cruse, MD; Joy King, MD, PhD; Leslie Partridge, NP; and Robert T. Brodell, MD

Digital Photomapping (DPM) in Mohs

By Michael B. Lipp, DO; Alyx Rosen, MD; and Martin N. Zaiac, MD

Microneedling with PRP

An established intervention coupled with a newer treatment may offer optimal results.

By Kim Nichols, MD, Emily Anne Palmer, MA, and Shaina Gregory

Keep Your Dermatology Practice HIPAA Compliant With These 5 Photo Tips

Recommendations for managing patient photos while preserving privacy.

By Emily Alten

Physician Spotlight

Practicing picture-perfect dermatology.

By Todd E. Schlesinger, MD, FAAD


Taking It On The Chin: Kybella vs. CoolSculpting for Reduction of Submental Fat

At least two noninvasive modalities that specifically target double chins can be used alone or together.

By Amy Forman Taub, MD


High-Dose Ipilimumab Shows Benefits in Advanced Melanoma: Implications for Care

Although treatment is associated with a high rate of toxicity, survival benefit is extended at a higher dose.

By Jonathan Wolfe, MD


Smoothing Out Our Understanding of Moisturizers

New science and new approaches for dry skin.

By Margaret Dennin, BS and Peter A. Lio, MD


Retirement Planning Upate

A look at what’s new and what you need to know in 2017.

By Jason O’Dell, MS, CWM, John Kelly, CLU, RHU, and Greg James, CPC, QPA, QKA

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