Photos: Conversion Tools

When digitally displayed in an appropriate way, patient images can inform patients about services you offer, launching conversations and conversions.

By Joel Schlessinger, MD

We use digital pictures in our clinic on a system of computers mounted on the wall that offer a screen saver when the underlying program, TouchMD, isn’t being accessed. Each room in our clinic has one of these, as does our spa reception area.

The pictures are probably the best conversation starter for various procedures we offer, as they allow a way to show our true results. Patients seem to be fascinated with them, and the wonderful thing is that the pictures and the discussion of them will often bring in patients for procedures or treatments who would never have known we provided these services.

The TouchMD component allows us to provide deeper insights or information for patients who want to delve into a topic, such as tumescent liposuction. There are many patients who would have never felt comfortable asking questions directly of me or a staff member. But while waiting in the exam room, the patient will access this information.

The hardest part of successfully integrating exam room photos is to get the pictures that are necessary to make this work. Our nurses take pictures of each patient before a procedure as well as each acne patient when he/she comes in to be seen. Most patients are fine with the use of their pictures and we obtain consent from them, stating their pictures will be used on our monitors. For our cosmetic patients, there is a slightly lower willingness to use their images, but most patients agree.

It truly is the best form of marketing!

Joel Schlessinger is founder of in Omaha, NE, where he practices. He is also founder and director of Cosmetic Surgery Forum.


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