August 2018





Practice Makes…More Practice

By Neal Bhatia, MD, Chief Medical Editor


Unpacking the Latest CMS Proposal

What might these changes mean for dermatologists?

By Mark Kaufmann, MD


Stake a Claim: How to Manage Your Online Directory Listings

A simple guide for making sure your listing is accurate.

By Heather Peffley and Amy Klink


Use Instagram to Promote Your Dermatology Practice

Instagram can help a practice promote products and services without incurring significant expenses for advertising.

By Naren Arulrajah


Cutaneous Metastasis of Adenocarcinoma with an Unknown Primary Tumor

Report and discussion: Cutaneous metastasis of adenocarcinoma with an unknown primary tumor.

By Christine Sickles, DO; Alexis Buffington, BS; Aleksandra Brown, DO; and Gary Gross, MD

Update on Atopic Dermatitis 2018

A look at the pathophysiology of AD, including structural and immunologic contributors, as well as new therapeutic developments with an eye toward breakthroughs on the horizon.

By Kate Arnold, BA and Peter A. Lio, MD

Atopic Dermatitis: A Collective Global Voice for Improving Care

Working in a coordinated, strategic manner—via an alliance of patient organizations, together with key stakeholders—will provide the best chance of bringing about positive change for eczema.

By Christine Janus

Getting to the Root of ACD

A practical approach to dermatitis in young and old.

By Lauren A. Ivey, MS, Janna M. Vassantachart, MD and Sharon E. Jacob, MD

Managing Diaper Dermatitis

First-line treatment tips and a review of when to assess for an alternate diagnosis.

By Janna M. Vassantachart, MD, Sharon E. Jacob, MD and Shehla Admani, M

Physician Spotlight: Vikash Oza, MD

Access to newer medications remains a challenge in pediatric dermatology patients.


Eyes on the Prize

A new laser system may make brown eyes blue.

With Julie Woodward, MD


Natural Products that Exhibit Antifungal Activity

Can natural products fight the fungus among us?

By Stephanie Pintas and Peter A. Lio, MD


Is Your Advisor Working in Your Best Interest?

Understanding fiduciary versus suitability standards.

By Jason O’Dell, MS, CWM and Adam Braunscheidel, CFP

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