December 2018




When is a New Drug Not a New Drug?

By Joel Schlessinger, MD


Six Pillars: Assess the Health and Growth of Your Practice

How to monitor your practice’s wellness in order to make better strategic decisions.

By Marie Czenko


MIPS: 30 Is the New 15

New CMS rule ups the ante for avoiding a MIPS penalty in 2021.

By Mark Kaufmann, MD


Use Call Tracking To Promote Your Dermatology Services More Effectively

What’s the point in creating a high-quality inbound marketing campaign if there is no mechanism in place to track and analyze how well the campaign performs?

By Naren Arulrajah


Currents: Innovations

Dealing with the Crazy Cost Curve in Dermatologic Drugs

Dermatologists, desperate for relief from the forces that have sent prices skyrocketing, are pushing for reform or exploring other options.

By Bonnie Darves

Improving Patient Access to Medication

Available services can enhance the safety of visually impaired individuals.

By Richard A. Lehrer, MD

Perspective on Teledermatology’s Present and Future

A dermatologist shares her experience offering e-consults and describes how teledermatology can expand access to care.

With Camille E. Introcaso, MD

A Day in the Life of a Dermatologist and Data

Data may be a way for physicians to enhance their practices, make life easier, and provide better care.

By Michael Sherling, MD, MBA

Keeping Up with MACRA: The Right Partner Can Help

Revised MACRA requirements go into effect in January. The right technology partner can ease the transition.

By Courtney Tesvich

Therapeutic Review: A Host of New Treatments Emerged in 2018

Here’s a handy reference to new drugs and devices—and other key developments—this year.

Adopting a Newly FDA-Approved Treatment for Raised Seborrheic Keratoses

Although SKs are benign and often increase with age, patients can still be bothered by them. There’s a new treatment option.

By Deanne Robinson, MD, FAAD

A First Look at Rotational Fractional Resection

A new technology offers a fresh approach to treatment of submental contouring.

With Hema Sundaram, MD

Micromanagement: Microparticles Enhance Outcomes of Energy-based Acne Care

With recent FDA-clearance, microparticles are available to support Nd:YAG based treatment of inflammatory acne.

With Ashish Bhatia, MD and Ted Lain, MD


The Dermatology PA Foundation: Giving Back to the Dermatology Community

Now in its third year, the DPAF continues its focus on philanthropy, education, and research.

By Jennifer M. Conner, MPAS, PA-C


CSF After Dark

ICYMI: Updates from behind the scenes at the 10th Annual Cosmetic Surgery Forum.

By Section editor: Joel Schlessinger, MD


Melanoma Mortality: Women Maintain the Advantage

Global data show that men have higher rates of mortality and more rapid melanoma progression. We still don’t know why.

By Jonathan Wolfe, MD


Rosacea Update: New Findings on Risks and Impact

Understanding rosacea risk factors can allow for earlier, more effective treatment.

By Joshua Zeichner, MD


Four Common Pitfalls in a Dermatology Practice’s Retirement Plan

How to identify and avoid common mistakes.

By David Mandell, JD, MBA and Adam Braunscheidel, CFP

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