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Mind Your Business: Exploring the Mind/Skin Connection

Denise Mann, MS

February 2017—Dermatologists and mental health professionals can join forces to treat the whole patient.

Recent Developments

February 2017—Study Finds Increased Incidence of SCC Among Patients Treated with Biologics for Psoriasis A recent study published in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology so…


February 2017—Stress and Skin: Implications for Psoriasis, Acne, Rosacea, AD, and More

New Products

January 2017—PuraCap Introduces Two New Acne Products PuraCap Pharmaceutical, LLC is rolling out two new acne products, Eptex Controlled Release Acne Wash and Eptex Controlled Relea…

Therapeutic Focus: Devices

January 2017—Growth Predicted in Dermatology Device Market A new report, “Dermatology Devices Market by Diagnostic Device (Imaging Device, Dermatoscope, Microscope), Treatment Dev…

Recent Developments

January 2017—Study Assesses Diversity in Dermatologic Clinical Trials Dermatologic clinical trials within the United States reflect the growing diversity of the US population, but repor…

All About Acne in 2017

Linda Stein Gold, MD

January 2017—Dermatologist Linda Stein Gold, MD discusses new directions in acne treatment.

Color Me Healthy: Patient-Centered Care in Skin of Color

January 2017—Dermatologists’ approaches to treating darker skin types aren’t color blind…yet.


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