At-Home Nail Fungus Treatment Now Available From iSkinProducts

Friday, October 07, 2016 | Fungal Infections , Product Launches and Updates

Cure-Ex nail fungus laser treatment device is now available from online beauty retailer, iSkinProducts. The portable device can be used on fingernails or toenails and a user can use the Cure-Ex laser from the comfort of their own home, according to the company.

The Cure-Ex nail fungus treatment device uses low laser therapy that combines pulse laser radiation to target fungus deep in the tissue beneath the nail bed; and blue light energy, which kills the fungus on the nail surface to prevent reinfection and encourage healthy nail growth.

Laser treatment for nail fungus has been proven to increase ATP molecules, energy-rich molecules that provide organic material needed to sustain life processes within the body. An influx of ATP molecules causes the fungus cells to cease making their own ATP, which stops the growth and begins the healing process.

The Cure-Ex nail fungus laser treatment device is available at and for a limited time the company is offering an additional 25% off.


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