FOREO’s New At-Home Blue Light Acne Pen Hits the US and Canada

Thursday, July 06, 2017 | Acne , Lasers & Light Devices , Product Launches and Updates

FOREO's blue-light acne pen is now available in 333 stores in the US and Canada with more to be added by September 2017.

The FOREO ESPADA comprises 415 nanometers (nm) of blue light energy combined with red cross-hair targeting that converges as ESPADA approaches the skin so users can zero-in on acne-affected areas. In addition, FOREO’s unique T-Sonic pulsations stimulate the skin, increasing in strength over the course of the treatment and forcing light into the deepest layers. T-Sonic pulsations also facilitate cell renewal and healing. The device is touch-sensor activated only on skin contact.

FOREO’s ESPADA is equipped with a built-in timer to maximize blue-light potency in a 30-second treatment and features two types of medical-grade silicone to prevent the spread of bacteria.

The ESPADA retails for $149 and is available in cobalt blue, magenta, and pink.


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