New Dermatologic Surgery Textbook by McGraw-Hill Enters Second Printing Less Than One Week After Publication

Tuesday, May 29, 2018 | Fillers & Injectables , Skin Cancer , Product Launches and Updates , Research and Publications

McGraw-Hill has just released Jonathan Kantor’s new 1,440-page textbook, Dermatologic Surgery, the most comprehensive and richly illustrated dermatologic surgery textbook ever published, and the first new major multimedia textbook in the field in 13 years. With section editors including John Albertini, Jeremy Bordeaux, Leonard Dzubow, Naomi Lawrence, and Stanley Miller, this new first-of-its-kind text bridges a general dermatologic surgery textbook and a specialized flap reference book. 

The text includes 81 chapters addressing the full range of reconstructive and cosmetic dermatologic surgery, and includes numerous first-in-class features such as chapter-opener structured summaries with illustrations, hundreds of pages on Mohs surgery, over 400 pages of flap repairs, and chapters based both on flap classification and regional repair approaches to improve the experience for novices and experts alike. 

The book includes over 3,000 photos and professional medical illustrations and more than 12 hours of video.

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