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Long-Term Effects of Neuromodulators on Aging

Shannon Humphrey, MD discusses the cumulative anti-aging benefits of long-term treatments with botulinum toxin type A. S…

Joel L. Cohen, MD, FAAD, Shannon Humphrey, MD

Galderma Launches Three New DTC Campaigns

Galderma is rolling out three new direct-to-consumer creative campaigns designed to educate consumers and support D…

Galderma to Begin Two Phase III Restylane Trials

Galderma is set to initiate a pivotal Phase III trial on Restylane® Lyft for hand augmentation and another that will…

The Next Big Thing: Aesthetics in 2016

New year, new (fill in blank). With everyone clamoring for fat reduction, skin tightening, and glowing skin, the aes…

Wendy Lewis

Fat Chance

The non-invasive fat reduction category is growing rapidly, and savvy doctors are coming up with innovative ways to use …

Denise Mann

Read My Lips: Contemporary Approaches to Perioral Rejuvenati…

Perioral rejuvenation is a central point in our aesthetic practices,” says Joel L. Cohen, MD. Demand for treatment…

Optimizing Outcomes with Neuromodulator Treatments

Anthony Rossi, MD tells host Steven J. Pearlman, MD that the key to getting the best results from neuromodulators is hav…

Steven Pearlman, MD, FACS, Anthony Rossi, MD

Pfizer Outlines Post-Allergan Deal Leadership Team Changes

Brent Saunders will become President and Chief Operating Officer of the combined Pfizer and Allergan company following t…


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