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Life Sciences Industry Eyes $1.5 Trillion Milestone

The life sciences industry is nearing a $1.5 trillion milestone, according to an analysis from Frost & Sullivan. The…

Nanotechnology May Improve Onychomycosis, Cut Costs

Nanotechnology can improve efinaconazole treatment for onychomycosis and make it more cost effective, according to new r…

Valeant is Becoming Bausch Health Companies, Inc.

Bausch Health Companies, Inc. will become the new name of Valeant Pharmaceuticals International, Inc., effective in July…

Practical Dermatology® Magazine Recognizes Top Content

Practical Dermatology® magazine and Modern Aesthetics® magazine have recognized the most popular online content …

Therapeutics Update: Notable Approvals in 2017

One of the most widely anticipated approvals in 2017 was for Dupixent (dupilumab, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc.) injec…

A Highly Effective Topical Compounded Medication for the Tre…

Cutaneous warts are one of the most common and difficult conditions we treat in dermatology. The unfortunate fact is tha…

Steven Leon MS, PA-C and Gennady Rubinstein, MD, FAAD

Lyme Disease Update

With more than 329,000 new cases in the US every year, Lyme disease is one of the fastest-growing infectious diseases in…

Q&A with Sunjya K. Schweig, MD

Skin Bugs and Travel Bugs: An Update for Clinicians

When people travel on vacations, they tend to bring home souvenirs, photographs and memories. Sometimes, they also bring…

Franchesca Choi, RPh, MD; Candidate; Natasha Mesinkovska, MD, PhD; and Manuel Valdebran, MD


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