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Jejunal Trichobezoar in a 3-year-old Boy; Practice Path MD Pro Tip: Architects

May 2017—A Bizarre Case of Jejunal Trichobezoar in a 3-year-old boy: Case Report Trichotillomania and trichophagia are disorders that frequently present together and are also associ…

To Attenuate the Skin Cancer Epidemic, Start Early

Joel L. Cohen, MD, FAAD

April 2017—UV education and good SPF habits for children are essential to reversing worrisome skin cancer trends.


January 2017—Study: PEtroleum Jelly May Cost-EffectiveLY Prevent Eczema in Infants Applying low-cost moisturizers including petroleum jelly to a baby’s skin for the first six mont…

Approvals of Note From 2016

Stefanie Tuleya

December 2016—A look back at FDA approvals in dermatology from the year.

Physician Spotlight: Andrew C. Krakowski, MD

December 2016— Dr. Krakowski is chief medical officer for DermOne and co-director of the dermatology residency at Campbell University, in North Carolina.  He is also a practicing …

Reflecting on 2016: Big Stories in Acne, Psoriasis and AD

Joshua Zeichner, MD, Jerry Bagel, MD, and Peter Lio, MD

December 2016—Columnists take stock of advancements over the last 12 months, with a focus on clinical implications.

Pediatric Contact Dermatitis: An Epidemic in Metropolis

Phillip Grigsby, BA, Alina Goldenberg, MD, MAS, Matthew Grigsby, MSPH, Lindsey Goddard, MD, and Sharon Jacob, MD

September 2016—Dermatologists must be aware of the burden of this skin disease.

Therapeutic Focus: Pediatrics

August 2016—Study: Family History Predicts MACE Events in Young Adults with Psoriasis Researchers investigated the risk of first-time major adverse cardiovascular (CV) events (MACE) in…


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