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Avoid Common Mistakes: Create Press Releases that Get Notice…

Media coverage is a great way to gain exposure for a dermatologist or a practice. Reporters and editors filter through h…

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Building Your Brand: A Reflection of You

You. Your office space. Your staff. Your marketing. All are a reflection of your brand. From colors and images, to cloth…

Heidi Waldorf, MD, FAAD

Why Your Dermatology Practice Should Be On Instagram

Instagram is different from most social networks. And it’s growing quickly with skyrocketing mobile technology use. It…

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Breaking Up The Band: Targeting Cellulite

About 95 percent of women have some form of cellulite, and there is little they wouldn’t do or try to get rid of i…

Joel Cohen, MD

Are Municipal Bonds Right for You?

Sentiment on the Street suggests taxes are headed lower now that Republicans currently control the Presidency, House, an…

Jason O’Dell, MS, CWM and Andrew Taylor, CFP

New Products

Oclipse Sunscreens From Zo Skin Health Zo Skin Health, Inc. launched two new sunscreens this year: Oclipse Daily …

Your Destination for the Latest Developments in #Dermatology…

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For the record, I forgot to mention…

Our society today is obsessed with transparency, and the need for full disclosure, and revealing all conflicts of in…

Neal Bhatia, MD Chief Medical Editor


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