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Cosmetic Surgery Forum Kicks Off in Las Vegas

With new and returning faculty, controversial and timely topics, and an all new venue, Cosmetic Surgery Forum (CSF) kick…

Instagram Marketing for Your Dermatology Practice

The growth of Instagram over the years has ensured it has an immense audience across the globe. This Ekwa Marketing vide…

Ekwa Marketing/

What’s Your Priority?

As practice management consultants, we often ask practice leaders the “magic wand” question: “If you h…

Andrew Maller, MBA, COE and Maureen Waddle, MBA

How to Use Email Effectively to Build Client Loyalty

Using email effectively can help you encourage client loyalty as well as client satisfaction. This Ekwa Marketing video …

Ekwa Marketing/

Private Equity in Dermatology: An Inside View

Private equity firms are turning their attention to the dermatology specialty. Why? How has the market changed and what …

Clint Bundy

Increase Engagement on Your Practice Facebook Page

There are standard, contemporary and emerging ways to add more excitement to your Facebook network. As a digital markete…

Ekwa Marketing/

The Dermatology Market: A Tidal Wave of Private Equity Inves…

Over the past seven years, there has been an explosion in acquisition and investment activity in the dermatology market.…

Clint Bundy

I Don’t Want New Patients! Here’s Why

Physicians with large databases of existing patients often make the mistake of thinking they need a continuous stream of…

Suneel Chilukuri, MD


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