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Get to Know DataDerm

As I recently wrote in this column, the decision to participate in the data collection revolution is becoming more o…

Mark D. Kaufmann, MD

Dear Doctor: Here’s Why I’m a Long-term Employee

Employee turnover continues to be a hot topic among practice owners. Losing an employee is costly for a practice, an…

Aimee Earp

Inside Google Maps and Google My Business

After investing several years in the study of skin diseases and their treatment, you finally qualified as a dermatol…

Naren Arulrajah

Be Flexible in Your Financial Planning

In virtually all aspects of life, we recognize the importance of flexibility. When it comes to long-term financial a…

David B. Mandell, JD, MBA, and Robert Peelman, CFP

Take a Load Off Your Back: A How-To Guide

Back pain is extremely common, affecting 84 percent of people at some point in life.1 Risk factors for back pain inc…

Gaurav Singh, MD, MPH

Transitioning a Medical Dermatology Practice to a Cosmetic D…

The growing trend of medical practices transitioning to cosmetic practices is due in part to a variety of reasons in…

Suneel Chulukuri, MD and Kim Campbell

Dealing with Prescription Prior Authorization in Dermatology

Dermatologists and practice staff daily must surmount numerous administrative hurdles to help ensure that their patients…

Bonnie Darves

Women in Dermatology

A self-described hard worker, Dr. Henry recalls when a male in management at one job told her he was concerned her r…

With Michelle Henry, MD


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