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Guiding Patients to Good Skincare

With Mona Gohara, MD

November 2017—A skincare pyramid offers physicians a tool to engage and educate patients about anti-aging skincare options from prevention to reversal.

Eliminating the Fear Factor with Novel Neuromodulators

Denise Mann, Editor-at-Large

November 2017—Innovators seek to stand out from the crowd.

The Women’s Dermatologic Society Takes Manhattan

Denise Mann, Editor-at-Large

November 2017—WDS leaders educate the media on at-home beauty devices, pigment disorders, and more.

PRP: Assessing Its Safety and Efficacy

Daniel Chang, MBBS

November 2017—As use of platelet-rich plasma grows in popularity, a dermatologist undertakes a review of the current evidence.

Physician Spotlight: Ellen Marmur, MD

November 2017—Perspectives on head-to-toe beauty.

Prescriber, Beware: Understanding and Protecting Drug Compounding

Paul Winnington, Editorial Director

November 2017—Compounding has been an integral part of the specialty, but changing regulations and new players may converge to bring change.

A Highly Effective Topical Compounded Medication for the Treatment of Cutaneous Warts

Steven Leon MS, PA-C and Gennady Rubinstein, MD, FAAD

November 2017—A compounded formulation with an adhesive vehicle shows promise for one of the most common and frustrating conditions to treat in dermatology.

The SDPA Diplomate Fellowship: Standardizing Education and Raising the Bar

Amber Blair, PA-C, and Kristin Rygg, PA-C

November 2017—The SDPA has launched the Diplomate Fellowship, the premier training program for dermatology PAs.


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