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Hailey-Hailey Disease and Pemphigus Foliaceus; Preview: Prac…

First Reported Case of Patient with Hailey-Hailey Disease (HHD) Developing Pemphigus Foliaceus By Christa Super, BS, …

Christa Super, BS, Garrett Nelson, MD, FAAD, and Sandra Marchese Johnson MD, FAAD

The Importance of Link Building_Part2

Why is link-building important and how do you do it right? In the second of a 2-part series, Susan Hudson and Jamie Edso…

Ekwa Marketing/

Join the (Buying) Club

Every practice must buy a certain amount of supplies month to month. There's no getting around it. But you can save on t…

Jay A. Shorr, BA, MBM-C, CAC I-V

Medical Spa State of the Industry Statistical Study Now Open

During the past five years, the medical spa industry has grown and evolved to a point where it has become one of the mos…

Your Destination for the Latest Developments in #Dermatology…


Responsible Promotion

In medicine, we often take for granted that drugs and devices that will be forthcoming will change or improve our pa…

Joel Schlessinger, MD, Chief Cosmetic Surgery Editor

Give Employee Feedback With Confidence

Discussing unsatisfactory work performance with an employee isn’t a task any manager relishes. In fact, some manag…

Heidi Pesterfield

How to Get Your Dermatology Videos to Rank in YouTube Search

YouTube has emerged as the second largest search engine after Google. According to Amazon’s Alexa, YouTube is also…

Naren Arulrajah with Vikas Vij


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