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Crisp, concise content is the need of the hour when it comes to your dermatology website. This Ekwa Marketing video outl…

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Study: Derms More Likely than PAs to Catch Early Skin Cancer

Physician assistants may be more likely than dermatologists to perform unnecessary skin biopsies to check for cancer and…

News You Can Use: Simple One-Page Tool Improves Patient Sati…

A simple, one-page form given to patients ahead of time can significantly improve satisfaction with care, according to a…

Leadership and Vision: Key to Practice Success

If you talk to physicians who have been in practice for a while, they will probably tell you that employee management, i…

Joe Niamtu, DMD

Content Marketing

Native advertising can help overcome shortcomings in your dermatology content distribution. This Ekwa Marketing video sh…

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ASDS Quest Keeps Members In the Know

Quest is the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery‚Äôs digital knowledge network, and it allows members to discuss d…

Joel L. Cohen, MD, FAAD, Sue Ellen Cox, MD

Professionalism in the Workplace: Tips for Managers

Though being awarded the title of manager may feel like becoming a bigger fish, it actually means working in a more scru…

Kellie Wynne

As New Jersey Goes, So Goes the Nation?

The party is over…at least in New Jersey and maybe soon a handful of other states. A new NJ law places a yearly c…

Mark Kaufmann, MD


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Practical Dermatology is the monthly publication that provides coverage of medical care, cosmetic advancements, and practice management for clinicians in the field. With straight-forward, how-to advice from experts in various fields, we strive to enhance quality of care and improve the daily operation of dermatology practices.