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“Who Is Reviewing the Reviewer?”

Patient: “I’m looking for a doctor” Friend: “You mean provider? Just look on Yelp.” …

Neal Bhatia, Chief Medical Editor

Happy Patients, Happy Practice

Adversity is common in everyday life and has the potential to bring stress to any situation, even in an aesthetics pract…

Maria Czenko, MA

Tips for Building a Search Engine-Friendly Website

Many dermatologists prefer to optimize their existing website for search engine rankings with the use of search engine o…

Naren Arulrajah and Vikas Vij

Consolidating Regulatory Penalties: Introducing MIPS

As I noted in last month’s column (available online at, we have now entered a new phase …

Mark Kaufmann, MD

Viewpoints: A New Roadmap in Eczema Care

For the first time in decades, there is a healthy pipeline of new eczema drugs in development, including the first biolo…

Adam Friedman, MD and Kevin Cooper, MD

Managing Pruritus in Geriatric Patients

Dr. Berger sat down with’s Ask an Expert Host Adam Friedman, MD to discuss management and treatment t…

Timothy Berger, MD

Physician Spotlight

How have understandings evolved on eczema since you have been in practice?  The changes have been fundamental an…

Robert Sidbury, MD, MPH

Electronic Brachytherapy: Understanding the Technology and I…

Electronic Brachytherapy (eBt) is an established treatment option for the management of nonmelanoma skin cancers.1 EBT m…

Kenneth Miller, MD


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