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Defining the Physician-Patient Relationship

In this edition of Derm Insider, Allan Wirtzer, MD and Cliff Lober, MD, JD talk to host Neal Bhatia, MD about the import…

Allan Wirtzer, MD, Cliff Lober, MD, JD, Neal Bhatia, MD, FAAD

Recent Developments

Dermtube recaps Highlights from the AAD Annual Meeting Last month in San Francisco, the international dermatology c…

Social Bullying: What’s Our Role in It?

By now, most dermatologists have heard the tragic news of the death of our esteemed colleague, Dr. Fred Brandt, earlie…

Joel Schlessinger, MD, Chief Cosmetic Surgery Editor

Managing Millennials

The millennial generation (born 1982 -- 2004) today comprises roughly 100 million people, mostly in their teens and 20…

Beatriz Bailey

Case Report: Minimal Incision Extraction for Large Lipomas

Minimal Incision Extraction for Large Lipomas Minimal incision extraction involves expressing lipomas through a sm…

Kraig K. Jenson, MD, Byron C. Edwards, PA-C, PhD, and Devin M. Burr, MS IV


Study: Azole Antifungals Induce Resistance in Dermatophytes Just as clinicians make strides against bacterial resis…

Advocacy Groups and Physicians: The New Power Couple

While patient advocacy may not be controversial, the forms it takes and benefits yielded may well suggest some deviati…

Sheila Rittenberg

Bio-Logistics: Steps for Improving Access to Biologic Therap…

Despite a growing pool of data indicating the efficacy and favorable safety profiles of biologic agents, patients with…

With Mary Wiatrowski, RN, DNC


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