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My New Favorite Thing: Budget-free Consults

Don't let budget concerns limit the patient consult. Steve Yoelin, MD says that the patient evaluation and consult shoul…

Steve Yoelin, MD

Positive Changes in My Practice

Sometimes relatively simple changes can have a big impact on a practice. Steve Yoelin, MD talks about positive changes h…

Brian Biesman: "If I could…"

If he could buy any one device or laser for his laser and facial surgery center in Nashville, what would Dr. Biesman cho…

Brian Biesman, MD

Hair Transplantation and the ARTAS System

Barry DiBernardo, MD talks about the ARTAS robotic system and how it fits into his hair transplantation practice.

Barry DiBernardo, MD

EHR Trends

Tim Sayed, MD talks about issues in electronic health records that impact aesthetic doctors.

Tim A. Sayed, MD, MBA, FACS

Investing in EHRs

Tim Sayed, MD talks about the role of electronic health records in the aesthetics practice. He talks about investing in …

Tim A. Sayed, MD, MBA, FACS

Julie Woodward: "If I could…"

A well known oculoplastic surgeon, Julie Woodward, MD explains what device would complement the laser and energy-based d…

Julie Woodward, MD

Optimized Practice Advertising

Internal marketing may be most effective for many practices, but other avenues are also important, says Page Piland. Re…

Page Piland


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