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Fine-Tune Your Practice

Efficient practices generally have one primary focus: making sure their chief revenue-producing source— the physicia…

Beatriz Bailey

ICD-10: Facts, Myths, and Solutions

In just over a half-year, ICD-10 will be in full effect across the country. Physicians and practices everywhere will ha…

Mark Kaufmann, MD

The Google+ Hangout: A Marketing Tool For Your Dermatology P…

The Google Plus social network has introduced a promising and innovative new tool for participants to virtually connec…

Naren Arulrajah with Vikas Vij

What’s Hot in Cosmeceuticals

As we continue to learn about the importance of skin care in maintaining healthy, youthful skin, the expanding variety…

Joel Schlessinger, MD

Asset Protection: A Matter Of Degree

As co-authors of For Doctors Only: Guide to Working Less and Building More and advisors to physicians throughout the c…

David B. Mandell, JD, MBA and Jason M. O’Dell, MS, CWM

Charles Crutchfield III, MD, FAAD

What does it mean to you to be a dermatologist? How has the specialty evolved over the years? Dr. Crutchfield: As …

What Will Be Our Legacy?

“When they turn the pages of history / When these days have passed long ago / Will they read of us with sadness / Fo…

Neal Bhatia, MD, FAAD Co-Chief Medical Editor

The Price of a Penalty: Unraveling CMS’s Latest Moves

In late December, CMS announced an extension for its EHR incentive program. However, it wasn’t the extension many of …

Mark Kaufmann, MD


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