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New Concepts in Treating Persistent Facial Redness of Rosacea

Joshua A. Zeichner, MD

May 2017—While most medical rosacea treatments previously targeted papules and pustules, new, safe medical options address persistent facial erythema.

Recent Developments

May 2017—Allergan Closes Zeltiq Deal: Officially Adds Coolsculpting to Portfolio It’s a done deal -- Allergan now owns Zeltiq Aesthetics. Allergan acquired Zeltiq for approxim…


May 2017—New Findings on Alcohol-Rosacea Link White wine and liquor may increase rosacea risk, according to a new study in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology. It is …

Getting The Red Out: Expert Tips

May 2017—Dermatologists share their go-to approaches for reducing facial redness in rosacea.

Physician Spotlight: Richard Odom, MD

May 2017—Revelations and reflections on the pathogenesis and etiology of rosacea.

Dare To Dream: A Product Development Tale

Denise Mann, Editor at Large

April 2017—How a prominent dermatologist became an HSN sensation. (And how you can, too!)

Mind Your Business: Exploring the Mind/Skin Connection

Denise Mann, MS

February 2017—Dermatologists and mental health professionals can join forces to treat the whole patient.

Reassessing Rosacea Diagnosis: ROSCO Update

February 2017—The global ROSacea COnsensus (ROSCO) expert panel has published its recommendations for diagnosis and management of a common skin disorder.


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