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Physician Spotlight: Seemal R. Desai, MD

May 2018—A closer look at acne and rosacea in skin of color.

Care for Skin of Color: Hope on the Horizon

January 2018—Experts address new and emerging options to treat a growing patient population in the US.


July 2017—Psoriasis and Atopic Dermatitis: Connecting the Dots

Skin Cancers Among Hispanic Patients: Sounding the Alarm

With Joel L. Cohen, MD

June 2017—People of all skin types, including Asians and Hispanics, benefit from education on sun-protection & skin cancer.

Recent Developments

January 2017—Study Assesses Diversity in Dermatologic Clinical Trials Dermatologic clinical trials within the United States reflect the growing diversity of the US population, but repor…

Color Me Healthy: Patient-Centered Care in Skin of Color

January 2017—Dermatologists’ approaches to treating darker skin types aren’t color blind…yet.

Skin of Color: Cosmetic Procedures on the Rise

February 2016—At a recent media event, experts from the Skin of Color Society addressed the growing demand for safe and effective cosmetic treatments for skin of color.

Increasing Patient Satisfaction with Aesthetic Procedures

Anthony M. Rossi, MD, FAAD

November 2015—To enhance patient satisfaction, focus on optimizing the patient experience in all phases of care.


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