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Hyperpigmentation Heats Up: Treating Latino Patients

Many clinicians and their patients have been stumped by hyperpigmentation, but the focus on the condition is heating up.…

Joel L. Cohen, MD, Marta I. Rendon, MD

Recent Developments

Study Assesses Diversity in Dermatologic Clinical Trials Dermatologic clinical trials within the United States reflec…

Color Me Healthy: Patient-Centered Care in Skin of Color

By 2050, more than 50 percent of the US population will have skin of color. As it stands, skin of color patients are the…

African-American Organ Transplant Recipients at Risk for Ski…

All organ transplant recipients, regardless of race, should receive routine, total-body screenings for skin cancer, acco…

Advancing Care for Pigmentary Disorders

By Seemal R. Desai, MDWhat’s hot in vitiligo, PIH, and other pigmentary disorders? Dr. Desai talks about the latest in…

Seemal R. Desai, MD

Melanoma Survival Rates Lower in Patients with Skin of Color

Although patients with skin of color are less likely to develop melanoma than caucasian patients, they have a higher rat…

Managing Alopecia in Women of Color

Josh Zeichner, MD sits down with Valerie Callender, MD to discuss her approach to patients dealing with hair loss, parti…

Joshua Zeichner, MD, FAAD, Valerie Callender, MD

Driving Research in Vitiligo

There's still much to learn about vitiligo, and researchers and patients still hope for a cure. Education and fundraisin…

Adam Friedman, MD, John E. Harris, MD, PhD


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