Do you rehire ex-employees if they are intent to return?

This is a very tough question and one that varies with each employee. While I have rehired ex-employees in the past, it is often a delicate situation and one that ends up badly in the end. Usually, the reasons for their departure have to be taken into account prior to rehiring, and there must be assurances that the same reasons for their separation won't reoccur. Naturally, there are many situations that are unique and make for an easy rehire decision, but in the case of a poor ending the first time, wisdom would state not to rehire the same employee once again. Whatever the case, be objective and try to remember your feelings at the time of the separation in order to fully evaluate the chances for rehire.

Have you seen any downturn in your business since this economic disaster happened?
Yes, there have been segments of both the cosmetic and medical portion of my practice that have been affected. But the good news is that despite this, numbers for overall practice are up year over year because of increases in other areas that have outweighed the losses. I am focusing on promoting more economically palatable procedures to my patients, such as Botox, fillers, and other less expensive items. While other interventions, such as more expensive laser procedures and liposuction, are doing well, I am advertising them less at this juncture in order to bring patients in who may have a little extra money and want to spend it to look better.