Product News
New BP Gel Coming Soon.
Glytone has unveiledAcne 3P Gel, its latest benzoyl peroxide formulationmeant to fight acne without causing the commonBPO side effects of dryness, flaking, and irritation.Containing 5% benzoyl peroxide and 1%polyolprepolymer, Acne 3P Gel is designed to penetratethe skin continuously, the company says,while helping to retain skin moisture. It will beavailable for physician dispensing beginning inFebruary.

Ultra Lipo.
You have new options for fat harvesting.A new study has found that fat from VASERultrasound-assisted liposuction is as viable as fatcollected by conventional suction assisted liposuction.Researchers investigated tissue samples of afemale student who underwent lipoplasty of thethighs and flanks. Detailed cellular viability analysiswas performed on tissues collected, each havingundergone VASER Lipo and suction-assistedliposuction on the body areas. They found little orno difference at the cellular level between thetreatments, concluding that VASER is as effectivein yielding viable fat cells as suction-based liposuction.Results at six weeks showed approximately80 percent by volume of the filtered fat survived,regardless of method of extraction.

Going Green.
Olive oil isn't just for cooking anymore.Cali Cosmetics recently introduced its OlivaGreen line, part of their Oliva line, based on thebeauty benefits of olive oil. The line includes ashower gel, moisturizer, lip balm, body scrub, eyecream, shampoo, face cream, and others, all containingolive oil. Rich in Vitamin E, Beta Caroteneand Squalene, olive oil has been used in the Califamily as far back as the 19th century, the companysays. The essential ingredients in Cali's OlivaGreen line are intended to soothe and soften, stimulateand heal, and tone and firm, Cali says. The products are designed to leave no greasy residues.

Report Names Top EHR systems of 2010.
Shopping for EHR systems? A new report mayhelp you choose. EHR systems for medical practicesfrom Greenway Medical Technologies, e-MDs,Epic Systems, and eClinicalWorks are customerfavorites, according to an annual ranking of suchsoftware released by the research firm KLAS. Thecompany surveyed EHR customers on how welltheir programs perform, in addition to how wellthe vendor performs in terms of implementation,training, and support. The KLAS report is availablefor purchase on the company's web site( The price for physiciansis $500. Physicians can look up survey data onindividual vendors free of charge if they first complete an online questionnaire about the medicalsoftware, equipment, or computer services thatthey use in their practices.

Preventive Dermatology Book Released.
Thenew text Preventive Dermatology from Springer( provides a comprehensiveoverview of this evolving realm of dermatologypractice. Edited by Robert A. Norman, DO, MPH,the book contains 24 chapters arranged into foursections: Prevention, Common Problems andTreatments in Dermatological Prevention, SexuallyTransmitted Diseases, Viral Diseases, and Vaccines,and Wonds, Surgery, and DermatologiclPrevention. An appendix contains patient handoutson select topics. Previews and ordering are availableonline.

Sharing the Wealth.
You can now earn commissionson-line sales of Lexli products. The companystarted the commission program in December. TheLexli Loyalty Program requires consumers placinga first-time order at the company's website to registerunder their current skin care professional or,if they do not have an existing relationship with alicensed expert, must select a local Lexli distributorvia zip code search.

In The Pipeline
Provectus Pharmaceuticals has initiated a Phase 2c clinicaltrial assessing the efficacy and safety of the topical agentPH-10 for psoriasis. Up to 90 patients with mild to moderateplaque psoriasis have enrolled in the study, each of whom willbe randomized sequentially to one of four treatment cohorts.PH-10 is an aqueous hydrogel formulation of Rose Bengal disodiumfor topical administration to the skin. According toProvectus CEO, Craig Dees, PhD, the results will likely definethe parameters and delineate the design for a phase 3 trial.

Injectable for Bacterial Infections Approved. The FDA hasapproved a new delivery method for once-daily daptomycininjection (Cubicin; Cubist Pharmaceuticals, Inc), allowing itsadministration as a two-minute intravenous injection ratherthan a 30-minute infusion. Daptomycin is a lipopeptide antibacterialindicated for the treatment of complicated skin andskin structure infections caused by susceptible gram-positivebacteria, including methicillin-resistant Staphylococcusaureus. It is also approved for the treatment of S aureusbloodstream infections, including right-sided endocarditis. Inconjunction with the approval action, FDA endorsed changesand reformatting of the Warnings and Precautions section ofthe safety labeling, updates to the Postmarketing Experiencesection, and revisions that render the label compliant with theFDA's Physician Labeling Rule.