Product News

New Home-Use Hair Removal Device. TRIA Beauty recently unveiled its new Hair Removal Laser for home use, offering faster treatment than its predecessor, as well as longer battery time, more coverage area per charge and a better user interface display, they say. The laser uses the same diode laser technology as professional lasers and delivers comparable power levels that have been clinically-proven to deliver permanent results. In addition, the TRIA Hair Removal Laser has a slimmer handle, a more visible treatment tip, and an integrated skin sensor intended for better convenience and ease of use.

Illuminate Dark Spots. Vichy's new ProEVEN Total Dark Spot Corrector is a daily product that helps combat the appearance of dark spots and uneven skin tone in all ethnicities that offers both immediate and long-term results, according to the company. Its dual action formula features DeeperCell- Concentrate, a combination of Vitamin C, Vitamin E and LHA, a derivative of salicylic acid with regenerative and exfoliating properties, to act on all surface layers of the skin. In a clinical trial, 100 percent of users saw more luminous skin and 95 percent saw a reduction in the color and intensity of dark spots.

Prevent and Minimize Stretch Marks. For pregnant patients worried about stretch marks, consider Mustela's new Stretch Marks Survival Kit, a localized treatment the company says is clinically proven to reduce the size, depth, and color of stretch marks. The Stretch Mark Survival Kit helps to remodel skin support fibers that have been affected by tissue distension and actively stimulate skin cells with alpha-hydroxy acid and silicium. The set contains Stretch Marks Intensive Action as well as Ultimate Hydration, which keeps the skin moisturized during pregnancy to help prevent stretch marks.

Acne Kit Now Available. For patients whose skin is easily irritated and perhaps cannot tolerate common blemish-fighters, Glytone's new Acne Kit offers a solution. It is a full anti-acne regimen that delivers optimal efficacy without irritation, Glytone says. The kit contains a Self Foaming Cleanser, which offers enhanced penetration of salicylic acid (0.5%) to cleanse the skin, clean the pores, and exfoliate; a Lotion that reduces dryness, irritation, and the discomfort of exfoliation and offers continuous hydration; and 3P Gel, a micronized benzoyl peroxide gel (5%), which enters pores and follicles to kill P. acnes.

Science + Beauty. GlyMed Plus recently revealed its new Cell Science DNA Reset Face & Neck Cream, a formula containing “telomerase activation” extract they say is proven to slow or reverse telomere shortening that causes DNA damage. Results reportedly include visibly smoother, plumper, taut and lifted skin on the face and neck.

New on the Web. Obagi Medical Products has revamped its website ( with an updated New on the Web. Obagi Medical Products has revamped its website ( with an updated look and feel, with a branded Facebook welcome tab, a YouTube page, as well as an official blog.

Also new on the web, Leo Pharma has re-launched the Taclonex website (, which includes product information for both Taclonex Ointment and Taclonex Scalp. The launch coincides with Leo's Zero Copay Program, in which eligible patients can obtain a patient savings card on the new site and receive copay assistance for up to six prescriptions with a maximum benefit of $200 per prescription.

Longer Lasting Lashes? For patients who want longer, fuller lashes, consider LashDip, a new intervention that gently protects lashes while promoting lash growth. LashDip adds volumes, increases length, provides lift, and won't smudge or wash off for six weeks, the company says. LashDip avoids the daily wear and tear of applying extra coats of mascara and rubbing to remove it at the end of the day.

Brighten Skin Without Hydroquinone. Allergan's new Vivite Vibrance Decollete Therapy is a hydroquinone-free, natural formulation intended to restore the radiance of the chest area after sun damage. It contains a glycolic compound and retinol which help exfoliate pigmented skin, as well as dihydroxybenzoate, a natural botanical, and licorice extract, which helps to minimize the underlying causes of dull, uneven skin tone. In a clinical trial, patients using Vivite Vibrance Decollete Therapy for eight weeks saw a 43 percent reduction in fine lines/wrinkles, a 56 percent reduction in dyschromia, an 82 percent decrease in tactile roughness, and an 85 percent reduction in dryness/flaking.

SilkPeel Launched. The new Lumixyl SilkPeel MD is a novel peeling system that uses diamond assisted microdermabrasion with simultaneous delivery of topical serums and is intended to exfoliate, hydrate, and illuminate skin, the company says. Specifically designed to reduce hyperpigmentation and melasma and improve uneven skin tone without hydroquinone, Lumixyl should be applied topically for maintenance therapy. The procedure takes approximately 30 minutes; Visible results are immediate however a series of monthly treatments is recommended.

Acne Spray Available. Combining salicylic acid 2% along with glycolic acid (5% or 10%) in a spray bottle applicator suitable for use on all areas of the body, including the chest and back, is Gly- Sal Acne Body Spray from Topix Pharmaceuticals, Inc. The Gly-Sal acne line was developed to clear skin blemishes as well as optimize overall skin health, Topix says. The formulation contains moisturizing botanicals and soothing, therapeutic witch hazel.

Anti-Acne Moisturizer. Normaderm Triple-Action Anti-Acne Hydrating Lotion ($22.50, 1.7 fl. oz.) is a light lotion intended to provide an instant matte effect and long-lasting hydration. In a clinical test on 73 women, Normaderm Triple-Action Anti-Acne Hydrating Lotion produced a 20 percent decrease in pimples after one week and a 64 percent decrease after four weeks. Blackheads were reduced 14 percent in two weeks and 42 percent in four weeks, with significant reductions in pore size reported at two weeks, Vichy says. The formulation contains Salicylic Acid (1%), LHA (0.3%) and Glycolic Acid (1%) and is available at select national pharmacies or online.

Brush Up on the Environment. New from Dermablend is a set of eco-friendly brushes made from “green” components, like recycled aluminum and bamboo. More information is online.


Hair Loss Technology Cleared. Restoration Robotics' ARTAS System has received 510K clearance from the FDA for harvesting hair follicles from the scalp in men with black or brown hair diagnosed with androgenetic alopecia. The system combines several features, including an image guided robotic arm, special imaging technologies, small dermal punches, and a computer interface. It is capable of identifying and harvesting follicular units to implement the follicular unit extraction technique.