CoffeeBerry Line Adds Firming Serum

Another addition to the RevaleSkin System of professional grade care products featuring CoffeeBerry extract, RevaleSkin Firming Serum (Stiefel/GSK ) is designed specifically to produce an immediate perceptible firming effect, the company says. Over the long term, regular use of the skin firming serum helps protect against extrinsic oxidative stress that can lead to the appearance of skin aging, according to the company. The serum is intended to promote a healthier looking, smoother complexion.

New Barrier Cream Available

Incorporating hyaluronic acid and a blend of physiologic lipids, including ceramide, new HylatopicPlus Cream from Onset Dermatologics, is now available. HylatopicPlus Cream is formulated to rapidly hydrate the stratum corneum and provide a semi-permeable barrier that protects against irritants and excessive water loss through the skin, Onset says. The new cream formulation joins the existing HylatopicPlus Foam formulation.

New Redness Control Agent

New Peche Redness Control from Neocutis is intended to help control redness from conditions like rosacea, acne, atopic dermatitis, and psoriasis. Featuring Neocutis' patentpending Rosaplex redness balancing complex, Peche Redness Control is formulated with four key ingredients to help minimize blotchiness, blemishes and improve overall skin tone, according to the company. In addition, Peche restores the skin's natural moisture balance and helps strengthen the skin, they say. In a recent clinical study, Peche reportedly decreased the appearance of skin redness by 43 percent over the course of eight weeks, with application twice daily.

Effaclar Goes National

LaRoche-Posay's popular Effaclar Duo dual action acne treatment is now available at CVS Pharmacy stores nationwide. According to the company. Preliminary results of an ongoing study show that Effaclar in combination with a topical retinoid resulted in a 70 percent reduction in overall lesion count after eight weeks, the company reports.

New Products Offer Better Hydration

Patients looking to hydrate, revitalize, and renew their skin may take interested in several new launches from glo Therapeutics. Advanced B5 Hydration builds on the moisturizing formula of the B5 Hydration Serum to restore the skin with hyaluronic acid and vitamin B, while protecting skin from environmental harm, they say. The Advanced Revitalize Starter Kit combines Advanced B5 Hydration with Ultra 15% Vitamin C, for increased absorption of active ingredients and enhanced benefits of the moisturizer, according to the company.

Target the Source of Aging

Vichy has developed a new anti-aging range to minimize the signs of aging by directly targeting the papillary dermis. The new Vichy LiftActiv line features Rhamnose in a five-percent concentration intended to reduce the appearance of facial wrinkles after two weeks, with overall skin tone and texture also beginning to improve after just four days of use, according to the company.

Acne Prevention Kit Available

For patients focused on acne prevention, consider ZO Skin Health's new Acne Care and Prevention Kit. The kit contains four products, including the Offects Exfoliating Cleanser, which targets excess oil and reduced sebum production; the Offects Exfoliating Polish, for removing buildup and increasing epidermal turnover; the Offects TE-Pads, to sweep away excess oil and dead skin cells; and the Bio-Sulfur Masque, a paste for overnight use that slows sebum activity, breaks down sebum on the skin's surface, and provides anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial benefits to keep complexion healthy and clear, according to the company.

New Targeted Phototherapy Device Launched

The flagship medical device from Psoria-Shield, Inc. is the Psoria-Light, a patent-pending device that uses advanced Deep UV LED technology to deliver the same narrow-band UVB light region, dosage, and small treatment spot size as excimer laser-based targeted UV therapy devices, according to the company. In addition, the Psoria-Light offers the capacity for UVA treatments.

Heel and Elbow Relief

For patients with cracked heels or patchy elbows, Glytone has unveiled a new kit that may offer relief. The Glytone Heel and Elbow Pamper Kit exfoliates dry skin and leaves the skin feeling smooth and soft, according to the company. The kit includes Exfoliating Body Wash —8.8% free acid value glycolic acid— and Ultra Heel and Elbow Cream —29.5% free acid value glycolic acid— which together help to retexturize the skin and lock in moisture.

New OTC Melasma Product

For patients seeking an over-the-counter option for melasma and sun spots, a new option is now available nationwide. The new Exuviance OptiLight Essential 6 Serum helps to reduce the visible intensity of existing dark patches while discouraging new spots from forming. With 11 brighteners that target six pigment control areas in the skin, the Exuviance Optilight creates a more balanced and even complexion, according to the company.