This month's issue of Practical Dermatology tackles a variety of topics in the ever-changing landscape of aesthetic procedures. Articles range from updates on scar treatments to innovative fillers that may soon come to the US. The array of issues in this edition alone serves as a reminder to dermatologists that the cosmetics arena is fluid and growing. Moreover, as new procedures emerge and established products are updated or integrated in new ways, dermatologists stand at the forefront of contributing to and utilizing the latest breakthroughs in cosmetic procedures.

Over the years, Practical Dermatology has covered the newest advances in technology and provided advice on incorporating cosmetic procedures and products of all types into practice. But as aesthetics practice continues to evolve and push forward in new directions, it has become clear to us that maintaining the best coverage of this expansive realm of procedures requires a larger canvas for a deeper reporting on pressing issues and practical tips.

That is why I am proud to announce that in the coming months we will be launching Modern Aesthetics, a new publication and source for expert advice on patient care and practice development for physicians specializing in cosmetic procedures. Beginning in 2013, each bi-monthly edition will offer unique perspective and insight on integrating up-to-the-minute developments into practice— from skin care to advanced procedures.

Under the guidance of Co-Chief Editors Heidi A. Waldorf, MD, FAAD and Steven H. Dayan, MD, FACS, Modern Aesthetics will be available to physicians within the core cosmetic specialties: dermatologists, facial plastic surgeons, plastic surgeons, and oculoplastic surgeons. In addition, the editorial advisory board will feature cosmetic surgeons from the core specialties, who will take an active role in shaping the dynamic content that Modern Aesthetics will deliver through traditional editorial coverage and a digital presence encompassing a range of video content.

As always, we remain committed to offering useful and practical advice on all aspects of dermatology in the pages of Practical Dermatology. But I am also pleased to take this opportunity to announce Modern Aesthetics and invite your feedback as we seek to cover the full breadth of cosmetic procedures as no publication has done before. Whether you are a seasoned veteran of cosmetic procedures or are just starting to consider the potential of these procedures in your practice, we encourage you to take up our first issue of Modern Aesthetics in January/February 2013.