The Lumenis LightSheer 800nm diode laser technology offers excellent results, maximum safety and comfort, and was recognized as the gold standard for laser hair removal with more than 50 peer-reviewed articles documenting its efficacy, safety, and patient satisfaction, according to Lumenis. The company is now offering the LightSheer Desire as a table-top model. It offers high-speed vacuum assisted capabilities and precision. The LightSheer's 800nm wavelength offers the optimal wavelength for safely and effectively treating all skin types. With the LightSheer technology, treatment can be tailored to each patient to offer the unique solution needed through a combination of efficacy, safety, comfort, speed, and accuracy. The technology offers high peak-power, adjustable pulse duration, and variety of spot-sizes to treat all body areas in the shortest time. Its high-speed technology treatment time is reduced by 75 percent, which allows physicians to treat more patients in the same amount of time, attract more patients due to treatment speed, comfort and affordability, resulting in increasing the practice revenue potential.


The new SopranoICE from Alma Lasers incorporates multiple cooling mechanisms to maximize a patient's comfort during laser hair removal procedures. According to the company, the device uses Speed Technology to deliver optimal results in half the time, a benefit for physicians and patients.

The SopranoICE, an 810nm diode laser for painless permanent hair removal, is FDA cleared for the treatment of skin types I-VI and tanned skin and is safe to treat patients year round. The SopranoICE builds on the company's Super Hair Removal (SHR) technology. Its Speed Technology gives operators the ability to treat at 10 hertz per second. This speed, coupled with a lightweight handpiece, effectively enhances results by eliminating the traditional lengthy hair removal treatments and reduces user fatigue. The gradual heating SHR technique creates a comfortable treatment experience without analgesics.

Other benefits include an intuitive and user-friendly 12” color touch screen with pre-set parameters, cooler treatment, reduced applicator weight, and no consumables.

SopranoICE includes an added patient benefit of the ClearTite treatment. ClearTite's deep dermal heating provides patients with temporary relief of minor muscle aches and pains. The NIR body and face modules for temporary relief of muscle aches and pains and deep dermal heating offer additional revenue streams.


The FDA has granted Syneron Medical Ltd. and Iluminage Beauty an expanded indication for the me brand of home-use hair removal systems. The systems, which utilize Syneron's proprietary elos technology, are now indicated for permanent reduction in hair growth. The me brand is owned and sold by Iluminage Beauty, Syneron's global joint venture in home beauty devices.

Shimon Eckhouse, Chief Executive Officer of Syneron Medical, said, “The additional indication for permanent reduction in hair growth for the me home-use hair removal system is another positive milestone in the application of our proprietary elos technology in the home-use market. It builds on its position as the first and only FDA cleared consumer hair removal technology that is approved for all skin tones, further differentiating it from the competition.”


Theradome, developers of the first clinical-level laser hair restoration product, recently launced the Theradome Laser Helmet LH80 PRO, the first over-the-counter, FDA-cleared, wearable laser hair restoration treatment. The light-based medical treatment was developed for the convenience of in-home use and is clinically tested, and designed for patients suffering from the debilitating effects of thinning hair and androgenetic alopecia. Theradome Laser Helmet LH80 PRO is a compact, cordless, easy-to-use, OTC helmet that utilizes proven laser light therapy used at dermatology offices and hair restoration clinics to grow new healthy hair, while doubling the hair follicle size of existing hair and slowing down or stopping hair loss.

Using 80 lasers that provide more than 560 mW of low laser light therapy (LLLT), the helmet stimulates the scalp and hair follicles in a state of decline by increasing blood flow and microcirculation, improving cellular metabolism and protein synthesis to restore and maintain a healthy head of hair. The Theradome Laser Helmet LH80 PRO maximizes human hair growth when used twice a week for 20 minutes per session.

Theradome Laser Helmet LH80 PRO underwent clinical trials that found that after 18 treatments, hair loss slows down, after 26 treatments, patients experience healthier hair and scalp, after 52 treatments there is new hair growth (of various percentages for each patient), and after 100 treatments, patients have fuller, thicker hair and no additional hair loss with continued use.



Valeant's AcneFree's new Body Clearing Acne Spray is a clear, quick-drying spray that delivers acne medication to hard-to-reach places on the body. The spray features a lightweight, oilfree formula with 2% salicylic acid to help treat and prevent breakouts. The non-stick formula also includes vitamin B3 (niacinamide) to help the skin produce more natural ceramides, glycolic acid to help exfoliate skin, and aloe and other plant and root extracts to soothe the skin and even skin tone. Patients can spray continuously at any angle, helping to ensure that effective ingredients reach areas such as the back and shoulders. AcneFree Body Clearing Acne Spray will be available starting February 2014.


Scar MD Silicone Scar Gel and Spray are unique formulations of silicone that dry to form an ultra-thin layer on the skin that provides a semi-occlusive barrier, with similar breathability to the skin. This modifies the factors involved in healing to normalize the production of collagen, which in turn reduces the redness of abnormal scars, decreases their volume, and reduces the pain and itchiness. Company data show that patients' scars improve with treatment over a two- to three-month period by up to 80 percent, as measured by patient satisfaction. Scar MD Scar Gel and Spray are clinically proven to reduce redness, reduce itching, reduce pain, soften scar tissue, flatten raised scars, and prevent abnormal scarring.


The new Glytone by Ducray hair loss range is formulated to target factors that influence healthy hair growth for both occasional and chronic hair thinning/loss. The line includes the Anaphase Cream Shampoo to nourish and strengthen weak, thinning hair, and to prepare the scalp for hair loss treatments, the Neoptide Hair Lotion Spray, a revitalizing formula for devitalized hair and chronic hair loss in women, and the Anastim Hair Lotion Concentrate, a nourishing formula for devitalized hair and occasional hair loss. The line also includes the Glytone By Ducray Anacaps Dietary Supplement.