When you look fresh you stay fresh! That’s the take-away (sort of) from new data published in the Journal of the EADV, showing that when skin is nurtured to a more youthful state, systemic inflammatory diseases, including dementia, may be held at bay. (To see what the researchers actually found, go to our “Recent Developments” section.)

In an effort to keep current, Practical Dermatology® has focused on some rejuvenation of its own. As you likely noticed over the past few months, we’ve updated our layouts and added more graphic features to enhance your reading experience. We’ve always focused on drilling down to the information you need in order to manage your patients and your practice more effectively. Now we’re making that information even easier to see and digest in the pages of the print publication.

It’s on the digital side, though, that Practical Dermatology® has undergone a more significant transformation. The new PracticalDermatology.com website brings together in one place all the quality content that you’ve come to rely on from our industry-leading brands. You can now access content from the print issues, watch DermTube videos, and read DermWire News—all on one newly-updated web resource. As part of the re-boot, we’ve improved the search function and navigation to make for a more productive user experience.

We know that users turn to Practical Dermatology® magazine online, DermTube, and DermWire for the latest information they can use to support dermatology care. We hope that with the new look and updates, you’ll turn to PracticalDermatology.com even more often.

Take a few minutes to visit us online and take a fresh look at PracticalDermatology.com. And please share your feedback. We welcome comments from readers anytime. Email editor@bmctoday.com.
—Paul Winnington
Editorial Director