Dyve Biosciences has officially launched, and is focused on its core Dyve Technology, an innovative approach that enables therapy to be transported quickly and deeply through the skin, allowing rapid penetration into targeted tissue. This unique approach offers the promise of delivering therapeutic molecules to areas that could previously only be reached with a needle, Dyve suggests.

Dyve Biosciences' first product, Dyve Comfort (the next generation of what was previously Procicept), is an FDA-cleared topical analgesic used for pain mitigation. In clinical studies with almost 100 patients across a range of aesthetic procedures, Dyve Comfort reduced pain scores by an average of 67% to depths as great as 4.5mm. Over 90% of patients were favorable towards using Dyve Comfort again for future aesthetic procedures.

Dyve Comfort was featured in a poster presentation at this year's American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery Annual Meeting in Dallas. The presentation, given by Dr. Melanie Palm, describes the blinded comparison of Dyve Comfort versus compounded lidocaine/tetracaine (23%/7%) for pain mitigation during Ultherapy treatments.

As a proof of concept, Dyve Comfort demonstrates that, with innovative Dyve Technology, over-the-counter strength topical analgesia can be as effective as prescription strength products, the company says. With a robust pipeline, including products for treating adipolysis, hyperpigmentation, and lateral canthal lines, Dyve Technology can quickly deliver therapeutic ingredients deep through the skin.

"At Dyve Biosciences we want to challenge convention and create something different; we are disillusioned with the industry's stagnation and with companies that don't put patients and physicians first and who spend more time talking about what they do, than doing it," says Ryan Beal, Chief Executive Officer of Dyve Biosciences. "Here we let the science speak for itself. We don't care about marketing spin, we believe our products can do their own talking. At the end of the day, the technology is only worthwhile if it solves our patients' problems," adds Dr. Beal. 

Dyve Comfort is now available to licensed physicians at dyvebio.com or by calling 1(833)DYVE BIO.