A new method to classify psoriasis severity can determine the appropriate course of treatment, according to a consensus paper by the International Psoriasis Council (IPC). The IPC method of assessing psoriasis severity is a treatment-first approach that rejects the mild, moderate and severe labels used to categorize psoriasis severity. The IPC method calls for classifying patients as candidates either for topical therapy or systemic therapy.

To qualify for systemic therapy, patients must meet one or more of the following criteria:

1. Psoriasis lesions on 10% or more of their body surface; OR

2. Psoriasis lesions on sensitive areas of the body (i.e., hands/feet, face, genitals, scalp); OR

3. Topical therapy failed to control symptoms.

From this consensus paper, IPC intends to work with health insurance entities, health care providers and with stakeholders involved in the drug development process to integrate this new method of assessing psoriasis severity into standards of care for psoriasis with the ultimate aim to increase access to care for patients worldwide.