Practical Dermatology® magazine and Modern Aesthetics® magazine have recognized the most popular online content of 2017. Among these is a commentary that Heidi Waldorf, MD penned for millennial physicians. In the August 2017 article, “Dear Millennial Physician,” Dr. Waldorf wrote that she wanted, “to help you build a productive and satisfying career and to become a valued colleague.” Among her tips, some of which drew reactions from readers, were important reminders about patient privacy and government regulation.

“Never use a patient’s photos without a signed HIPAA-compliant consent,” Dr. Waldorf warned. “Even with that consent, do not use those photos if you saw the patient with your supervising physician without her or his authorization. Consent is given only to the physician of record, regardless of your signing the form as a witness.”

Also popular last year was an update on HPV and genital warts by Ted Rosen, MD and a status report on acne management strategies, featuring Linda Stein Gold, MD.

“Despite the proven efficacy of HPV vaccines, many children in the United States do not complete the series of three injections or do not get the vaccine at all,” said Dr. Rosen. “On average, 60 percent of girls 13 to 17 years of age initiate the HPV vaccination series, but only 39.7 percent receive all three doses; only 41.7 percent of boys initiate HPV vaccination, and a paltry 21.6 percent complete the series…Dermatologists are in a perfect position to talk to parents of children as well as adolescents in the vaccine’s age range about getting the HPV vaccine.”

Columns and Departments

Among columns, popular pieces included a review of at-home beauty devices by Joel Schlessinger MD. Dr. Schlessinger, Chief Cosmetic Surgery Editor for Practical Dermatology magazine is also founder and course director of Cosmetic Surgery Forum. Based in part on presentations from Cosmetic Surgery Forum, the article was inspired by research from Reportbuyer suggesting that the device market is set to soar by 2020. The bottom line, according to Dr. Schlessinger? “None of these devices will ever replace the procedures that we, as dermatologists, can offer our patients today to smooth wrinkles, get rid of acne and unwanted hair and improve skin tone and texture, but they do work very nicely with our toolbox of surgical and nonsurgical treatments.”

As part of the Clinical Focus column, Peter Lio, MD took a critical look at the ability to manage and possibly prevent eczema with low-cost topical moisturizers. “Daily moisturization may represent a cost-effective, preventative strategy to reduce the burden of atopic dermatitis,” Dr. Lio wrote. “Larger, long-term clinical studies are underway to see if prophylactic moisturizing leads to such sustained benefits.”

Dr. Neal Bhatia, Chief Medical Editor for Practical Dermatology® magazine, garnered a lot of online views for his editorial about the public’s newfound tendency to distrust physicians.

Video Programs

At, “DermTube Journal Club” hosted by Joshua Zeichner, MD and Nancy Samolitis, MD was the most watched series, followed by coverage of the AAD annual meeting in Orlando, hosted by Joel Cohen, MD. Rounding out the top three was “Ask an Expert,” hosted by Adam Friedman, MD.

The latest edition of “Ask an Expert” paired Dr. Friedman with “media guru” Dr. Zeichner to explore the best ways to work with the media. Dr. Zeichner explained that media want to hear about skincare and especially about skincare as it relates to celebrities.

Dermatologists Terrence Keaney, MD and his practice partner Lina Naga, MD starred in the most popular new series on “Ground Up” chronicled the duo’s experience building a new practice outside of Washington, DC. Viewers can follow Drs. Keaney and Naga from the early planning phases through to their grand opening. The pair speak candidly about the key decisions they had to make and discuss the challenges and victories they faced through the building process.

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An established thought leader offers common sense and common courtesy concepts for each new generation of physicians.
By Heidi A. Waldorf, MD, FAAD

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Combating the most common STD with vaccines and promising new treatments.
By Theodore Rosen, MD

All About Acne in 2017
Dermatologist Linda Stein Gold, MD discusses new directions in acne treatment.
By Linda Stein Gold, MD


Best-in-Class At-Home Beauty Devices for Dermatologists
An experience-based assessment of a growing market segment.
By Joel Schlessinger, MD

Prophylactic Moisturization Makes Sense—and Cents—for Newborns at High Risk for AD
Study results point to role for inexpensive petroleum jelly in the routine care of babies’ skin.
By Peter A. Lio, MD

“OK…if you say so”
By Neal Bhatia, MD

DermTube Journal Club
DermTube Meeting Coverage: Orlando 2017

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