1. Tell us a bit about yourself.

I’m the Executive Vice President, Immunology Solutions, and Head of US at UCB. I lead worldwide development and commercialization of innovative patient-oriented solutions in dermatology, rheumatology, psoriatic diseases, and GI and bone health.

I’ve been with UCB for more than 25 years because I believe in the value of our scientific innovation: We provide solutions that change patients’ lives. This is especially important for patients living with highly burdensome conditions, such as psoriasis.

2. What is UCB committed to now and in the future in dermatology?

We are committed to understanding the unmet needs of specific patient populations and working toward improving their lives through our rigorous research and innovative science. We’re committed to creating meaningful scientific advances, not just incremental improvements, that make a real difference for patients. And we’re dedicated to partnering with dermatology clinicians to ensure that they understand our solutions and can access them.

While there have been advances in the treatment of psoriasis in recent years, there is still profound unmet need. Many patients aren’t aware that completely clear skin can be a real possibility with appropriate treatment.

We are committed to understanding the impact of psoriatic disease and helping patients find treatment solutions that allow them to live life to the fullest. We have already successfully brought our first treatment to the dermatology community in both the US and EU.

This accomplishment, combined with a growing pipeline and the partnerships we are building with dermatology clinicians across the country, makes it clear that UCB has the scientific expertise, commitment to patients, and clinical momentum to become a leader.

In the future, we will focus on advancing patient and physician dialogue, awareness, and treatment of dermatological conditions and related conditions like psoriatic arthritis globally.

3. Why has UCB made a commitment to the dermatology space?

The answer is simple: It’s ingrained in our history. Our immunology science and biology insights have been translated at a fast pace in skin conditions. We’ve concentrated on patient populations with unmet needs where we have the potential to make a meaningful difference, including the psoriasis community.

Everything we do is grounded in asking, “How will this improve the lives of people living with the chronic diseases we treat?” This motivates us to focus on the continued advancement of dermatological treatments that will benefit the patients we serve.

4. As a leader at UCB, how do you personally demonstrate that commitment?

I have the opportunity to be involved in each of UCB’s core commitments: meticulous scientific research, understanding what patients need most from new treatments, and providing healthcare professionals and their patients with the most efficient experience possible.

5. How important is dermatology to UCB overall?

Dermatology aligns perfectly with our Patient Value Strategy, and we are excited about the significant impact we can make in this therapeutic area.

We reinvest a high share—approximately 25 percent—of our total revenue every year toward highly innovative research and development where high unmet need exists and we have the potential to deliver unique outcomes.

6. How is UCB involved in the global effort to combat COVID-19?

UCB is currently committed to working globally to help fight COVID-19. We are collaborating with the University of Oxford on vaccine development in the UK and working with local authorities to increase testing capabilities in Belgium. We’ve also donated protective equipment to designated hospitals in China, initially, and Belgium.

7. Why is UCB invested in developing authentic relationships with clinicians?

We work closely with dermatology clinicians globally to understand their treatment needs and obstacles, from medical and osteopathic physicians to nurse practitioners and physician assistants.

By partnering with clinicians, we bring science to life for our patients and help those patients understand the potential and importance of working with their healthcare teams.

Strong, collaborative relationships with dermatology clinicians can help optimize treatment outcomes, improve the patient experience, and deliver solutions that make a positive impact. Through advisory boards, research into dermatology practice, and one-to-one relationship building, we are committed to this community.

8. What is on the horizon for UCB?

It is an exciting time at UCB. We have multiple ongoing preclinical and clinical programs in hidradenitis suppurativa, lupus, atopic dermatitis, and several other skin diseases. I look forward to sharing more about our developmental pipeline in dermatology in the coming years.

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