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Stelatopia Emollient Face Cream and Textiles, Mustela

Mustela Stelatopia Emollient Face Cream is specifically designed for extremely dry to eczema-prone skin and gentle enough to use on newborns. Stelatopia Textiles is the first pair of skin-soothing pajamas designed for babies and toddlers with eczema-prone skin. The textiles are made from 100 percent Oekotex-certified cotton and infused with an all-natural formula containing just sunflower oil distillate, avocado oil, ceramides, squalene, and vitamin E. The active ingredients are steadily released onto the skin throughout the night.

Blue Lizard Sunscreens, Crown Laboratories

Crown Laboratories, Inc., has launched its redesigned, Blue Lizard Australian Sunscreen. The company says the redesign includes new products, improved formulations, and a new aesthetic design concept across the entire portfolio based on a year of research to build on the science of mineral-based sunscreens to deliver safe, effective products that comply with new reef-safe sunscreen legislation. In addition to eco-conscious reformulations, Blue Lizard redesigned its brand with a new logo and updated packaging that includes enhanced educational content that answers common sunscreen questions, such as, “How much sunscreen should be applied to the body?” and “What does ‘mineral-based’ mean?”

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Sente Illuminé Eye Cream

With David Shafer, MD

Senté Illuminé Eye Cream is a recent addition to the Senté skincare line with Heparan Sulfate Analog (HSA). HSA works at the cellular level to trigger rejuvenating processes within the skin. Clinically this is seen as improved skin texture, skin color, and overall skin appearance. The eye cream specifically helps reduce dark circles, fine lines, and puffiness, says David Shafer, MD, a New York City plastic surgeon.

How does this product address dark circles?

Dr. Shafer: Under-eye skin is thin and sensitive...susceptible to swelling or puffiness and tends to be translucent with visible veins and other anatomic structures contributing to the overall appearance of the skin. The Senté Illuminé Eye Cream helps regulate and reduce melanin production as well as collagen and other cellular elements.

How are your patients reacting?

Dr. Shafer: The under-eye area is a common concern for patients. Patients are happy to have an effective eye cream that is medically based and scientifically proven.

What products/services do you recommend with this under-eye cream?

Dr. Shafer: For under eyes, I address dynamic lines with Botox Cosmetic, any volume loss with Juvederm, and skin texture and color with the Senté Illuminé Eye Cream. We also recommend the Senté dermal repair and eye cream following laser resurfacing and other skin treatments.

How does it complement the whole Sente line?

Dr. Shafer: Many patients like to have a specific eye product that complements their daily skincare regimen. The Senté Illuminé Eye Cream offers an effective daily treatment that does not cover-up or camouflage the skin issues, but heals and rejuvenates from the inside out at the cellular level for long-term results.

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