Curt Cole Wins "Best Presentation of the Day" and Lifetime Achievement Awards at Winter Clinical Dermatology Conference

January 28, 2014

"Beyond Broad Spectrum: Critical Concepts in a Post-Monograph World " - a podium presentation by photobiologist and industry veteran Curtis Cole, Ph.D, - was voted "Best Presentation of the Day," Tuesday, January 21 at the Winter Clinical Dermatology Conference.
Given the broad scope of topics and highly regarded KOL speakers on the day's agenda, it is noteworthy that a presentation on sunscreen captured the highest accolade, voted "best" by 400 attending dermatologists.
Dr. Cole, recently retired from Johnson & Johnson Consumer Companies, spoke for nearly an hour debunking sunscreen myths and providing real-world advice for dermatologists on sunscreen guidelines and formulas.
Among the most dynamic topics were an in-depth look at the broad-spectrum Critical Wavelength test and how it doesn't account for height of protection (how well a sunscreen protects along the breadth of the UVA/UVB wavelengths), leading to a revelation that all broad spectrum sunscreens are not created equal. There was also discussion of the level of protection offered by chemical versus physical ingredients, and the surprising insight that while zinc offers broad protection it doesn't offer superior height of protection as compared to chemical filters. Dr. Cole also provided a scientific look at ideal UVA:UVB ratios in sunscreen formulas, and explored the concept of cumulative damage.
“There is a lot of misinformation out there about sunscreen formulation and application— and we believe it's important for dermatologists to receive evidence-based education on photoprotection," said Shelly Cropper, Senior Manager, Professional Marketing at Neutrogena, a sponsor of the conference. "Dermatologists are on the front line of skin health and need this information to help their patients best protect their skin.”
Dr. Cole also shared recent clinical data supporting high SPF 50+ sunscreens, noting they provide a margin of safety for the majority of Americans who under-apply. According to a recent study published in JAAD, SPF 50 sunscreens were found to provide only SPF14 based on patient under-application.
Later that day, the directors of the Conference presented Dr. Cole with the Lifetime Achievement Award in recognition of his dedication to Discovery and Innovation in Sun Protection Research and Development.

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