New Data for Topical Nitric Oxide Nanoparticles: Evidence in Animal Model of ED


Topically applied nitric oxide-releasing nanoparticles (NO-NPs) induced spontaneous erections and increased basal ICP in an animal model of radical prostatectomy. According to findings published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine, these effects are most likely due to increased microcirculatory blood flow.
For the study, 26 Sprague Dawley rats underwent bilateral transection of the cavernous nerve (CN). One week later, NO-NPs were applied topically to the penile shaft in dimethylsulfoxide (DMSO) gel (10 animals) or coconut oil (6 animals). Control animals were treated with empty NPs. Erectile function was determined through the intracorporal pressure/blood pressure ratio (ICP/BP). The effect of the NO-NPs on blood flow was determined using a hamster dorsal window chamber.
Eight of 10 animals treated with NO-NPs suspended in DMSO gel had significant increases in basal ICP/BP, and 6 out of these 10 animals demonstrated spontaneous erections of approximately 1 minute in duration. Time to onset of spontaneous erections ranged from 5 to 37 minutes, and they occurred for at least 45 minutes. Similar results were observed with NO-NPs applied in coconut oil. No erectile response was observed in control animal models treated with empty NPs. The hamster dorsal window chamber experiment demonstrated that NO-NPs applied as a suspension in coconut oil caused a significant increase in the microcirculatory blood flow, sustained over 90 minutes.

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