Through its ongoing partnership with non-profit sponsor and donor IMPACT Melanoma and sunscreen provider Coppertone, BrightGuard has installed 134 sunscreen dispensers throughout New York City (NYC) public pools and beaches. BrightGuard—the first automated sunscreen dispenser company offering free, high-quality SPF 30 sunscreen—is providing this to the city for the second consecutive year at no cost to the city or its residents.

“IMPACT Melanoma and Coppertone are incredible partners in the fight against skin cancer,” says BrightGuard co-founder, Ryan Warren. “This incredible collaboration has enabled us to provide free and accessible sunscreen to help reduce the risks of sun exposure throughout the city. Ultimately, our aim is to increase awareness of sun safety and encourage people everywhere to protect themselves from the sun’s harmful UV rays.”

BrightGuard dispensers have now been installed at 53 public pools and 11 beaches in various locations throughout Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, and Staten Island. BrightGuard’s two co-founders were inspired to create the unique touch-free public sunscreen dispenser company after a friend was diagnosed with melanoma at a young age. Its dispensers are currently found in various schools, parks, sports arenas and other public places across the country.

The initiative was co-sponsored by IMPACT Melanoma—a national non-profit organization dedicated to education, prevention and taking action in the fight against skin cancer. Committed to skin cancer prevention and early detection, IMPACT Melanoma provides a variety of award-winning programs which aim to raise awareness and educate the public about skin cancer, as well as support services for those struggling with the disease. Its offerings include support groups, educational programs and patient advocacy.

Co-sponsor of the initiative, Coppertone, provided Coppertone Sport sunscreen. Coppertone, a leader in sun protection for over 40 years is dedicated to inspiring kids and families to adopt healthy sun safe behaviors while enjoying their time outdoors. Sunscreen application should be a family activity—parents modeling sun care habits early on can create a lasting impression for their children. That’s why Coppertone partnered with BrightGuard to bring sunscreen that stays on strong through heat, sweat and water to stop 97 percent of damaging UV rays—SPF 30 or higher—to families across the country.

In addition to producing the hardware and spearheading the collaboration, the BrightGuard team will work with NYC Parks leadership to maintain the dispensers—including regular and frequent visits to ensure the dispensers are filled with plenty of Coppertone sunscreen. Dispensers will be up and running at the designated areas through September 9.

“Each of the partners involved in this New York City initiative supports a shared mission of ensuring people everywhere can enjoy their time outdoors while protecting their skin from the harmful rays of the sun,” said Alex Beck, co-founder of BrightGuard, who spearheaded the collaboration. “We are proud of the great success of this project and look forward to many others like it as we continue to expand and grow.”