Ditch the Itch: EpiCeram Helps Relieve Eczema Symptoms

September 18, 2016

A new survey fromPuraCap Pharmaceutical sheds light on the emotional and physical effects of eczema, a pervasive condition that affects 31.6 million people in the US.

According to the survey, a large number of people are not getting the relief they need from current treatments, leaving them to suffer from recurrent outbreaks and red, scaly patches that can negatively affect confidence and diminish quality of life over time. Six in 10 adults report lower confidence as a result of eczema, while two out of three describe the need to scratch as being "unbearable." Due to the physical discomfort, half of children complain of trouble sleeping due to symptoms, which can lead to difficulties at school, irritability and an inability to participate in certain activities.

Dermatologists agree that repairing the skin barrier is key to successful treatment, however, 50 percent of consumers are not familiar with skin barrier repair products. In fact, the number one treatment used to combat eczema is over-the-counter moisturizers, which may leave patients still scratching.

EpiCeram Controlled Release Skin Barrier Emulsion can help restore skin to its natural healthy condition while empowering eczema sufferers to finally feel comfortable in their own skin, according to the company. The FDA-approved cream contains all of the essentials for total skin barrier repair to help relieve itching, dryness, and redness. These include three essential lipids (ceramides, free fatty acids, and cholesterol) in a physiologically balanced ratio, which mimics the lipid concentration found in the skin. Formulated to help keep the skin at a healthy pH of 5, EpiCeram works to repair the skin's barrier to help keep soothing moisture in and potential irritants out.

With a unique controlled-release technology, EpiCeram delivers 24-hour barrier repair benefits with just twice-daily application. EpiCeram 90g Tube and 225g airless pump is sold by prescription through pharmacies.

For more information or full prescribing information, visit http://epiceram-us.com 

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