EADV News: Diet Linked to Acne image

Consuming dairy products, sweets, soda or juice daily may increase risk for developing acne, according to research presented at the 28th European Dermato-Venereology Society Congress in Madrid.

The study, which included of more than 6,700 participants across six countries in North America, South America and Europe, showed that significantly more (P<0.001) individuals with acne (48.2 percent) consume dairy products on a daily basis compared to individuals who did not (38.8 percent). The difference was also statistically significant (all p<0.001) for soda, juices or syrups (35.6 percent vs 31 percent), pastries and chocolate (37 percent vs 27.8 percent) and sweets (29.7 percent vs 19.1 percent).

Eleven percent of acne sufferers consume whey proteins versus 7 percent without acne, and 11.9 percent of acne sufferers consume anabolic steroids versus 3.2 percent without acne, the study showed.

Exposure to pollution or to stress were also more frequently observed in participants with acne compared to control participants. The research also found that harsh skincare practices were more common in acne sufferers.

Conversely, tobacco, which has previously been showed as a potential acne trigger, was not shown to have an influence.

“For the first time, this study allows us to identify the most important exposome factors relating to acne from patient questioning prior to any treatment prescription,” says  lead researcher Professor Brigitte Dréno, s the head of the Department of Dermatology at the University Hospital of Nantes in France who conducted the research on behalf of Vichy Laboratories. “Understanding, identifying and reducing the impact of exposome is important for an adequate acne disease management as it may impact on the course and severity of acne as well as on treatment efficacy.”