is launching a new artificial intelligence (AI) skin @autodermbot on messenger app Telegram.

With the AutodermBot, 400 million Telegram users now have access to a search engine on the most common skin diseases.  Autoderm is an “API as a Service” that provides accurate search results on 43 skin diseases using AI. These skin diseases represent 90 percent of the most common skin ailments seen in the general public.

 “A few years ago we integrated our API as a WeChat Bot in Chinese and English. Now our search engine using AI is available on the messenger app Telegram too. It is very easy to use, from just a picture the AI performs a search within a second. Our Bots are effectively an “inverse” internet search for a skin disease,” says First Derm CEO Alexander Börve, MD. The AutodermBot gives five search results ranked in order of what the AI model thinks it is.