Galderma Launches New Rosacea Public Awareness Campaign image

Galderma is partnering with rosacea patient and celebrity stylist Brad Goreski for the national awareness campaign, Face Up to Rosacea, to encourage people frustrated with this chronic skin condition to take action by consulting with a dermatologist. 

Face Up to Rosacea offers rosacea patients information to help them navigate their treatment journey, including skincare tips, treatment information, lifestyle hacks, dermatologist advice and stories from other people living with rosacea.

"I want to encourage others to 'Face Up to Rosacea' and stop feeling self-conscious or powerless about their skin," says Goreski in a news release. "Rosacea affected me for a large portion of my life to the point where in the past, I would find myself avoiding photos at work and with my family and friends. Eventually, enough was enough for me, so I spoke with my dermatologist to discuss a treatment plan that was right for me."

"While rosacea can be frustrating and unpredictable, it can be effectively managed with prescription treatment," said New York City dermatologist Shereene Idriss, MD. "I'm excited to partner with Galderma and highlight Brad's story to help spread the word about rosacea and the importance of proactive management."

"Galderma is committed to providing safe and effective treatment options and educational resources for people with rosacea," adds Matt Gambino, Director, Rosacea Franchise, Galderma Laboratories, L.P. "Through this national awareness campaign, we hope to empower those living with rosacea to understand they are not alone and encourage a discussion with a dermatologist to develop a treatment plan."

PHOTO CAPTION: Galderma is partnering with rosacea patient and celebrity stylist, Brad Goreski, for the national awareness campaign, Face Up to Rosacea.