Industry Responds to COVID-19: Allergan Foundation;  AG Hair; Revance image

With the risks associated with COVID-19 and because those with one autoimmune disease have a 25 percent chance of developing another, specialists say it is critical for those with autoimmune disease to use safety measures, good eating habits, and self-care to avoid contracting this or any virus. 

Cyrex Laboratories, a leader in advanced clinical immune testing, offers the Multiple Autoimmune Reactivity Screen (Array 5),  a comprehensive screening for autoimmune disease. Along with the Array 5, add-on the GAM panel Total Serum IgG, IgA, IgM. The test is recommended for anyone with suspected immunodeficiency or who has recently used immunosuppressive medication. It can measure predictive antibodies, some of which can appear up to 10 years before the clinical onset of disease, the company says.