Launching from Nutrafol: New Pro-Strength Boosters

March 11, 2021
Nutrafol Launches ProStrength Boosters image

New professional-strength boosters from Nutrafol extend the popular nutraceutical line, providing physicians the opportunity to individualize recommendations for each patient’s specific hair health needs.

Hairbiotic MD is a professional-strength booster that targets the gut microbiome as a root cause of thinning hair. It is formulated with specific strains to help diversify the microbiome to address gut-related pathways that are implicated in hair health, according to the brand.

Stress Adaptogen MD professional-strength booster promotes stress resilience for those with excess stress and shedding. It contains a blend of stress adaptogens and phyto-actives that address stress by balancing cortisol and modulating immune reactivity.

“At Nutrafol, we are very proud of our approach to hair health, which is based in research and deep understanding of the specific root causes and biological pathways that impact hair thinning,” says Sophia Kogan, MD, co-founder of Nutrafol. “With the introduction of the Hairbiotic MD and Stress Adaptogen MD boosters, we’re taking that approach one step further with the first-ever professional-strength nutraceutical formulas designed to specifically address excess stress and compromised gut microbiome—two common underlying causes of hair concerns in patients.

“Our new Stress Adaptogen MD booster features a proprietary medical-grade blend of four adaptogenic phytoactives. These clinically effective adaptogens have been shown to improve the body’s stress response by supporting the HPA axis, reducing elevated cortisol, oxidative damage and immune reactivity, and holistically promoting stress resilience, which directly impacts the hair growth cycle. With the Hairbiotic MD booster, physicians have access to 25 billion CFUs per capsule of 10 new probiotic strains and one unique bacteriophage prebiotic. Hairbiotic MD works in the gastrointestinal tract to reduce bad bacteria, strengthen gut lining - thus protecting the gut lining against incoming oxidative stress and improving key nutrient absorption.” 

Dr. Kogan says the brand recognized there is “no one size fits all approach for patients when it comes to managing hair health.” The Nutrafol professional-strength boosters were formulated so that healthcare providers could provide patients, “a more personalized optimizing the impact of Nutrafol’s clinically effective nutraceutical supplements and further targeting common causative pathways in hair thinning. For example, patients who are experiencing excess shedding and chronic stress, or are recovering from an acute stressful event or surgery are ideal candidates for a combination therapy of one of Nutrafol’s clinically effective hair growth supplements plus the Stress Adaptogen MD booster.

“On the other hand, the ideal patient for a combination of a Nutrafol hair growth supplement plus Hairbiotic MD Booster is someone who is experiencing thinning, weak, or brittle hair, digestive issues and poor skin health,” Dr. Kogan says. 

Hairbiotic MD and Stress Adaptogen MD are both intended to be taken daily as a complement to Nutrafol hair growth nutraceuticals.

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