Luma Therapeutics has launched illuvinate as an innovative and modern twist on the Goeckerman regimen. By combining a narrowband UVB LED light with patented hydrogels containing coal tar micro-globules, illuvinate increases the skin's hydration, decreases inflammation, and suppresses overactive immune cells.

Clinical trial data show that the system enables those suffering from chronic skin conditions, such as psoriasis, eczema or vitiligo, to experience clear skin after performing therapy in the comfort of their own homes in just minutes a day. 

A digital therapeutic, the system is controlled by a smartphone app with a doctor’s prescription and Luma’s patented algorithm to modify the dose based on patient feedback. The illuvinate light module attaches magnetically to multi-day wear illuvinate hydrogels, freeing the user to relax during treatment sessions. In addition, users have the ability to share their progress with photographs taken on the app.

Backed by over $6 million in investments from groups such as the Mayo Clinic and Stanford-StartX, illuvinate offers a unique solution for those that don’t want to use messy topicals or pharmaceuticals with potentially harmful side effects. 

Evan Anderson, founder and CEO of Luma Therapeutics, created the illuvinate system after he tried multiple options for treating his psoriasis. Mr. Anderson stated “I started Luma because I wasn’t happy with available treatments. Clinical trial patients have provided encouraging feedback and we’ve been granted multiple patents for our technology. Now I believe illuvinate is poised to make a meaningful impact on people suffering from inflammatory skin disease.”

illuvinate is currently available for purchase in California. A nationwide launch is planned for early 2019.

Luma Therapeutics is a privately held medical device company.